Update details in the CPR (single to married status)

Hello, just want to know the requirements for updating details in the CPR i.d. such as surname and address.

Also, what is the procedure. Thanks

All of this has been covered in multiple topics in the forum.   Use search in the future.

Address - You need to have EWA bill in your name or municipality letter if EWA in landlord name or NOC from landlord / person you are staying with.

Surname - Linked to your passport and visa.  You can't get it updated unless you change those first.

Status - No such thing.  Automatically linked to sponsorship i.e. if your wife or husband is sponsored by you then they will show under your family in CPR.  Again depends on visa.

And to update all of this, you need your sponsor or an agent to do it for you.

Thank you for the information.
Another concern, is it okay the dependent visa not applying for along period of time for CPR i.d.?

If the dependent visa has been issued and stamped, the CR number has ALREADY been assigned.  It will show on your visa under "personal number".  You can choose to delay issuance of the card for some period of time - that doesn't stop you from coming and going out of the country.

Okay thank you, because i rather choose to update first may passport and visa so one time updates in my CPR card and also my husband cpr as my dependent.

No any problem that will arise, right?

I am not sure what you are trying to update first.

Are you changing your name in the passport?  if so, it might be better to get the CPR done and then do that.   If not name change and only marital status, then it doesn't matter for ANY Bahrain visa or CPR process (As your husband is already sponsored by you through marriage certificate and thus listed under you).

Actually if i will update my passport in married status then automatically my surname will be changed. Can you advise me which is better to update first, my address in CPR so that my husband can apply CPR ID because he is under my dependent? or better update my passport first then update visa then update CPR so one time only? Please advise. Thanks

How long is the process for updating of visa? Because my visa only applied last month of july 2019.

I am not clear from what you said and need more details:

Is your visa sticker stamped in your passport or not?
Is your husband's visa sticker stamped in his passport or not?
Do you have a CPR card?
Does your husband have a CPR card?
Have you both done and cleared your medicals in Bahrain?

Yes me and my husband has already sticker stamped in our passport. Mine as working visa and him as dependent visa sticker stamped.

i have already CPR card but not yet updated because i currently change my company and my resident address. But my husband arrived last month so till now we cannot apply him cpr card because my cpr card is not yet updated and he is my dependent so its required to update me first i guess.

So my concern, what move shall I do first update my passport single to married status, then update again my visa then to follow cpr?

Or update for now my cpr so that my husband can apply cpr card immediately?

Update your CPR & visa.  Then update your husband's.

Do the change in passport after that.

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