GAMCA medical record

Can anyone tell me who’s the one responsible for uploading my medical record to GCC online registration?
It’s already my 4th medical test from 4 different clinics, yet my medical record still not uploaded. I don’t know who to ask. Is it the agency or the clinic?
I’m really lost and fed up if this. 😭😭😭
I also got vaccinated of MMR vaccine 3x in less than 1 year.

You need to give more details.

Are you talking about GAMCA medical done in home country?  it is the clinic who is responsible for uploading the record into the database.   Employer just puts number and links to clinic at time of visa application.

If it is medical done in Bahrain, it has to be scheduled from within EMS at the time of visa application.  Can be rescheduled as well.  In this case, the local clinic which does the test is responsible for the upload as well.

Oh yeah, Im sorry. As ive said I know nothing about this. What i meant was medical done here in Philippines

As mentioned by me before, the medical done in home country has to be done by a GAMCA accredited clinic.  You will show your passport.  They will then upload the results against your GAMCA slip and passport number.

When the visa is applied in Bahrain, they will select in EMS system the appropriate fields to fetch the results.

If you are following a process which is different to this; I am not surprised why your results are not uploaded.

See the link below:

Click on authorized centers link and choose the appropriate center in your city and country.  Do the medical from that one.

I already did my medica test in SM lazo and it shows that it is accredited by gamca. But I don’t understand why my medical record still not uploaded yet. Im lost to this and loosing hope.

You need to follow up with the center.  No one else can upload the record.

I already did and they said they’re not the who will upload the record.

Look, I am really confused now.  What I have stated above holds true for the thousands of people who come to Bahrain every year from many different countries.  So either you are missing out on the details or we are talking about completely different things. 

Where are you trying to check the upload?  i.e. how do you know it's not uploaded?

I checked my record thru this website and says record doesn’t exist.
I called the agency and they said it’s already uploaded, they gave the copy of gcc medical slip number, but its under another medical center, not the medical center i took my medical examination. But when I input my passport number on this website where you can check your medical record, that’s what it showed. Also the agency who’s processing my visa in bahrain told me that there’s no record for me. So what my agency here told me, take another medical exam to the same medical center where I got my gcc code number.
I’m also lost and Im trying my very best to explain the scenario and to the least of my knowledge.

It seems as if your agency is at fault here.  You have checked the result with the passport number already.  Check with the GAMCA slip number as well.  Are you sure that the GAMCA slip is in your name even if the center isn't?   this whole thing seems dodgy to me.

Forget the agency.  Go straight to a medical center accredited by GAMCA.  Tell them that you want to do a medical for Bahrain.  They will require some documents e.g. your passport, pictures, job title etc.  They will take your picture, issue a GAMCA slip and take payment.  Then they will do the tests and you can get the physical report in a week.  Results will also be uploaded at the same time. 

Better yet, take an appointment at this site before you go:

Hi same problem I am facing now... There is a current banning of Gamca approved clinics here in the philippines for those applicants bound to bahrain and Oman. The banning of GCC slip number was done by the department of health here in the philippines. The clinics that are performing medical exams are illegally doing it. Because as of the moment... No clinic here in the philippines are allowed to perform medical test gor applicants bound to Bahrain and Oman...

I just didn’t get it. Some of my friends are already waiting for their visas (bound to Bahrain) though we took the medical exams same day and same clinic but we have different agencies so I dont know if its the clinic or the agency’s issue.

did you tried asking the clinic who did your medical exam an explanation? In my case... I wasnt able to do the medical exam because there are no clinics that wants to perform medical exam on me. all the clinics told me that they are banned by the DOH to perform medical exam on bahrain or oman. they told me that if I am persistent to have my medical exam I should inform my employer that they cannot give me a gcc slip number.

I did. They always say we no longer do online registration. But why they still accept Bahrain applicants? And as ive mentioned before, I have some friends who also took the medical test at the same clinic and also they’re bound to bahrain, and now they’re just waiting for their visas.

It seems that this is a problem within your home country.  The alternate is to tell your employer NOT to apply for a work visa and instead get you a visit visa.  Go to Bahrain, do the medical in Bahrain and ask employer to convert visit visa to work visa.

I just had my 4th medical certificate today. Im just waiting for the outcome. BUt i really dont feel good about this anymore. 😔

I have the same situation with you.. kindly email me your fb account or instagram account so we can speak tagalog. I jst came from POEA. yes Xtang. The problem is within our home country

Anyone here who’s also facing this issue?

Hello. What’s your fb account? Kindly add me. We have the same situation. I am also bound to Bahrain. Mine’s Darwin Coo Reyes. I’m a lady, btw.

I’ve lost this account so I made a new one.

Hi, same problem here.
Was it resolved at your end?


Where is the accredited Gamca clinic or hospital in bahrain? Starting to move to saudi arabia very soon


GAMCA is present for testing OUTSIDE the GCC.  For moves inside GCC, you can get tested at any reputable hospital for the pre-employment medical.   However, for Saudi, you still have to go back to your home country, do GAMCA and then come back - as the Saudi Embassy in your home country will fulfill the formalities.  Only for Saudi; UAE you can go straight from Bahrain or vice versa and same for other countries.

Hello Xtang,

Let me reprase, You mean I cant do the medical here in bahrain which I need to go back to my country to get a medical? For the purpose of transfering my employement from bahrain to saudi arabia.

So i will start my process in my own country? Rather than doing it inside GCC?

Your employer needs to guide you.

There is a whole process for Saudi that takes a while.  And in majority of the cases, can only be done from your home country. 

In the past, you could move from another GCC country to Saudi without going back to home country but they clamped down on it in the recent past.

Hi ma'am, nasolve na po ba yung problem nyo about this same problem po kasi sakin

Any resolve this Issue about GAMCA because having the same issue about GAMCA the employer can't apply for his working visa because of no GAMCA in his medical certificate. If anyone can resolve this problem let me know po.


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Hi. Same problem *** Thanks

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I have done a medical test at a GAMCA hospital. I had registered online using the link:

My test result is FIT
The result is valid for another one and a half month
Travelling to: Bahrain.

Now, I need to to a GAMCA test for Saudia Arabia.

    The problem is I need a letter from the approved GAMCA hospital to the Saudi embassy (I am applying for a work visa at the Saudi government, ka: Saudi tawzeef ). The hospital where I was tested for Bahrain won't give it to me! They require a GAMCA referral, which is so stupid because my test result is FIT and it is still valid  for more than a month and a half !

  What is worse is that I cannot register for another GAMCA test; every time I try, I get the error message "Passport NO. already exists".

I did email GAMCA people on their contact information, but they have not responded.

Any advice ?

Thanks a lot

Hi there,
I am not sure I understood the questions on this thread, but let me tell you what I am sure of:

   I am little confused by your questions, but let me tell what I am sure of, at least in my country which is also GAMCA affiliated.
You DO NOT go to a medical center and ask them for a test. Even if it is a GAMCA approved medical center. You do not go there first. This is NOT the first step.
You must register for a test online using the link:

or you go to  an office, usually they call themselves GAMCA office, where they can help you register. They will register for you using the link above, absolutely nothing else. So a "GAMCA" office is only helpful if you do not have a credit card!

  Once you register online, you print a slip (called: GCC slip), a sort of receipt. On that slip you will find the Name, address and contacts of the hospital where you MUST do the test.
This is the only role of GAMCA. It assiagns a hospital for you. You cannot choose which hospital you go to. Well, you can, but that result CANNOT be uploaded on the GAMCA system and be seen by the GCC embassies. You get tested and the hospital will upload your results online to  be seen by ALL GCC countries.  If the visa you areapplying for requires a letter, the hospital will automatically provide you with one.
You can then find your test result by inserting either your passport number or the GCC slip number (the registration code on your GAMCA slip) on the page:

or here:

Could any one advice me on my question in my post before the above?
I'd really appreciate it.

Theoretically, you do not need to do another test.  The GAMCA report is valid for both Bahrain and Saudi as the tests are exactly the same; just get the hard copy of the report.

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