Pregnant in bahrain!! What are the consequences for unmarried couples?

Hello everybody,this is a serious matter and if anybody can help,please feel free to comment.

Im 29y.o, in a relationship with a saudian same my age for 4 years now,were planning to get married but his country wont approve the application so were stuck here in bahrain as live-in couple..the problem is i found out that im pregnant 2 months ago and my partner is ecstatic about the idea.

he want me to keep the baby and have it either here or my country. He just doesnt realized the consiquences of this actions,they said unmarried women who give birth here might be deported or worst get imprisoned.

or if i have to deliver the baby in my country,i still wont be allowed to bring him/her here because he or she will be illegitimate.

so if anybody has any idea about what to do,or what ever,please please im me

This is a very serious issue for you and your baby as you well know.

Would it be an option to get married in your home country? Say on a short vacation? and then come back and have it recognized in Bahrain? You need to do something quick before you are 6 months along as most airlines will not let you board in that state.

Ive searched online..youve no idea for how long..but they all say the same thing..that the baby wont be able to come back with me.. im really u have any idea whats gonna happen to me if i give birth here?how can i register the baby..are they gonna put me in really scared out of my wits..i cant focus on my job..i cant eat well..i really have no idea what to do.. 😢

You need to go home. If you don't you will have no rights to the baby. The Father always does in the GCC. Go home, have the baby, register the birth with Father stated as "unknown" and then you have sole parental responsibility. Get the baby a passport from your home country, you could stay in Bahrain and he could travel to see you or he could follow you to the Phillipines and marry you there.
It's not a good situation to be in i'm afraid. Good luck

You have a reasons to worry. But this is no solution.
I suggest, you should immediately to to your home country along with the man... Get a registered marriage immediately which will give fathers name to the baby.
Then give birth get his / her PP and come back to Bahrain along with the baby.... Once you have the marriage certificate and child birth certificate i think you can bring the baby.
But you should register your mans name in your PP as your husband name.

Good luck and God bless...

Hello..thank you ALL for your reply..Im 5 months along and im afraid im starting to show..wont i be checked in BH airport?i worked in ksa before,and the lady guards in the airport weee completely really really..what if they noticed im pregnant here?wont they ask for papers?

I look 8 months pregnant and it's just fat, they won't know

My friend and u same situation, she was pregnant last year.can u contact me and I will tell u all the details.

Is there any chance for us to get married here though?if so,whats the process?ive been trying to search online but to no avail..

I would be careful travelling ...I recently boarded a flight where a woman was disembarked as she was pregnant and from what I gathered (I don't speak Arabic) she did not have clearance to fly.
Had there not been a ruckus I would not have known she was pregnant as she was not showing much but clearly it did get noticed.

:o  and then??what did they do to her??maybe she didnt have any medical certificate with her??

No she didn't but the point was she was not showing much and yet they noticed asked for a clearance from her doc to fly and when she didn't produce it she was escorted off the plane.
Her family stayed and continued their jounrney but she was not permitted to.

Okay..i dont think thats gonna be a problem in my case coz im actually seeing an OB right now..but about my recent question,do u have any idea about it?getting married here in bahrain..

Sorry no. But general consensus is you need to go back to your own country and get married there.
Perhaps go to your embassy maybe they can advise you

Any baby born in Bahrain outside a marriage will have big problems to get any papers done (specially if the father does not recognize the child). There are many examples of girls stranded in Bahrain with a kid and no ways to get out so do your self a favor and do get out of the country before its too late and you are in no position to travel. I would suggest also to contact your embassy for assistance/advise. 

I would suggest to go and give birth to your home country where you will have all the legal rights for the child and you avoid any consequences or legal issues in Bahrain. Then the father of the child can come to your home country and recognize the child and if needed have the marriage there,  this should be adequate to provide the papers needed for you and your child to travel back to Bahrain.

I think if you go to the  GOSI complex at Exhibition road--> fix appointment with judge-->get 2 witnesses-->you are married, in Bahrain at least. Later on you can get your documents approved by American or Saudi embassies if you want the marriage recognized outside. This way, when u delivery you have a marriage cert, required to get a birth cert

I just lost my baby almost a week ago.. i had bad contractions and bleeding..the hospital agreed to take the baby out coz theres nothing could be done..but until now,its almost a week,and theyre still not releasing the poor baby cant even have a proper burial..i feel so lost and helpless..its so unfair :(

Sorry for your loss. Did they say why you can't have your baby back?

Sorry to hear this.
I'd go to the hospital and try and find out what is going on and why they won't release the baby's body and what reason they have to keep it so long???

Wa that just an abortion ?

Best response that to resumed it all :)

emedeia86 :

I just lost my baby almost a week ago.. i had bad contractions and bleeding..the hospital agreed to take the baby out coz theres nothing could be done..but until now,its almost a week,and theyre still not releasing the poor baby cant even have a proper burial..i feel so lost and helpless..its so unfair :(

Sorry to hear of your loss.
I believe there are rules and procedures hospitals have to follow in situations such as this. One factor they would consider is the age of the foetus.

Do visit the hospital and impress upon them how important it is for you to have the body of the baby. Burial will also not be a simple straighforward process. You will need the hospital's help for this too.

Guys pls help me.
Im 3 moths pregnant now here in bahrain
But i lost my job and my visa is already expired
My husband is new here in bahrain he almost 5moths working for his company but we want to    stay here together,is it possible that i can deliver here but my visa is expired?  What i suppose to do?

The best thing you could do right now is seek assistance from your embassy.

good luck!


Please help me. I would like to ask if I can giving birth in Bahrain but I'm working in Saudi dammam?
I have my Iqama or identification card and multiple visa.

Your question is not clear. I am assuming your not married? If your not married and having a baby you will be in a very difficult position here, please read all the replies in the thread. If possible leave for your home country to avoid any unforeseen situation.

I'm married with iqama holder not under my husband sponsor. My husband have also iqama. Were leaving together.  I just want to give birth in bharain.
I want to ask if I'm allowed to give birth in bahrain?

Question is why?  You can give birth if you have a marriage certificate which is attested but won't it be easier to do it where you live? No benefits to giving birth in Bahrain over Saudi.

Hi, I have same concerns. How can I contact you privately. Pls thank you

I already responded on your other post.  Simply, there is NO way, except to get married legally.  Or leave Bahrain at time of delivery, give birth and then come back - and then initiate process to bring child over.

Can i ask which hospital you go when u miscarriaged your baby??

Anyone can help pls,what shall i do im 7 months pregnant and planning to go home but my o.b dnt want to give me clerance paper to travel coz i have chronic hypertension,im  not married to my bf coz we are married b4 i am 17 years separated to my husband and my bf 7 years separated to her wife.pls if someone can help me about this is much too much stress and cant eat thinking about my situation...😥😥😥😥,,,,or any hospital that they are not asking marriage contract here in bahrain???pls let me know if have....

Every hospital will need the certificate.

Hi, just want to ask about your post that u r seeing you OB but u r not married. When u gone for prenatal check ups they are not asking any papers or marriage certificate from u? Is it safe to go for prenatal check ups even u r unmarried? Pls enlighten me.

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