Need help for a place to play football in Székesfehérvar

Please can anyone recommend or link me to a place in Székesfehérvar where I can play football. Either outdoor or indoor football. I don't mind to pay some token for the use of the pálya (pitch). Any assistance would be appreciated. I need to keep myself fit playing football and possibly doing other sports.

Good man - the beautiful game.

Lots of football teams in Hungary, especially at the local level.  Should be fairly easy to find one.  Villages in my area all have teams - mainly kids training though. 

How about the sports centre notice board? Or more direct to the Hungarian FA? Puskar Academy? Maybe Fehérvár FC?

BTW, there's an Australian guy - Golgol Mebrahtu playing for Puskás Akadémia Felcsút - obviously he can speak English so he'd be an interesting guy to get to know.

Thanks for the tips, I will definitely give it a try.

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