Places to visit (Somogy county)

Barcs (pictures will follow)

* Thermal bath(Pretty new)

* Beach bath at the river Drava (mainly a big green grassy field, the river with a strong current and a little shop

* Canoeing

* Fishing at the Drava (There is a fishing shop - horgaszbolt - where you supposedly get tickets for fishing)

Csokonyavisonta (pictures will follow)

* Thermal bath (supposedly one of the Best in Hungary - pretty old though, even if they renovated it a great deal over the last two years)

* Fishing Lake


* Fishing lake (hard to find someone to pay the ticket)


Labod (actually between Labod and Kaposvar)

* Vidrapark (Otterpark)
The only one in Hungary (at least as far as my information goes)
You have to have a sturdy car or you are in for either getting stuck, break a part or have a long walk until you get to the entrance pf the park.
The road is bumpy and sandy, partly muddy. It is manageable on dry days though.
They open around 10 a.m. and close at. 6 p.m., but I have been there at other times and could still walk around.
There's a small entrance fee (around 600Ft I think), but it's well worth it.

Nagyatad (pictures will follow)

* (Small) Thermal bath

* Big beach bath

* Wood carvings exhibition
Located near the town Nagyatad, the Sculpture Park covers 15 hectares of grassy field. It was established in 1975 and features about 64 carved, wooden sculptures by national and international artists, including Berczeller, Brovdi, Deim, Rumi, and others.

Szoborpark(Sculpture Park) offers an annual international woodworking symposium, for four to eight artists every year.
To contact the museum, just follow this link!


* Fishing lake (the most beautiful one I've seen so far!)
You can fish Pike (Csuka), Carp and Amur there

All over Somogy county are Nature Preserves and big parks with forests and rare wildlife.
I will try to get a list together sooner or later (promise).

Some of the not so rare animals ;)

Parks: Deseda tó / Lake Deseda Duna-Dráva Nemzeti Park, Drávaszentes

Feel free to add your own Info & Pictures, please :)
(And correct me, wherever I'm wrong ;) )

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