Towns to visit (1) - Nagyatad, Somogy county

A small village, yet with some interesting spots.

* (Small) Thermal bath

* Big beach bath

* Wood carvings exhibition
Located near the town Nagyatad, the Sculpture Park covers 15 hectares of grassy field. It was established in 1975 and features about 64 carved, wooden sculptures by national and international artists, including Berczeller, Brovdi, Deim, Rumi, and others.

Szoborpark(Sculpture Park) offers an annual international woodworking symposium, for four to eight artists every year.
To contact the museum, just follow this link!

(Pictures are from 2006 - new ones will come soon)

* Market day

Every Thursday & Saturday is a market day in Nagyatad.
It seems that on Saturdays there's a big market outside with clothes, sheets & all kinds of things.
Inside the market hall is the usual farmer's market where locals sell their handywork. Mostly Veggies from the fields
& eggs from their chicken.

* Big Sports center / Fitness center (I mean big for Hungary)

* Glimpses of the "city center"

One of the busiest corners in Nagyatad, close to the park, pool and the two shopping streets

A fountain with animal scenes right at the kiosk for newspapers and the small shopping street

Some architecture

One of the two shopping streets

And the other shopping street (Kossuth utca)

A statue of Mr. Kossuth

They also sport a Tourist Info Nagyatad, a hospital, a few Hotels, big camping area, Library & a big Posta (Post office)

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