Cost of house renovation


We are thinking about buying a beat up house and renovate it ourselves, but we are not sure about the costs here. Will you share your experience?

Thank you in advance

Hi regardless of any work you are considering undertaking, you will need to also bare in mind security of your property.
Based on my own experience I had various renovation work done from the floor to the rooftop, and with 95% complete a workman laying wood floorboards accidentally left open a window, out walked the bathroom suite & boiler, then a water pump, and the electrics pulled out just to strip for a bit of measly copper wire!!
with UPVC windows and doors fitted and window locks it still was not a deterrent.
I know that you said you are hoping to do your own renovation and need a rough idea of cost, I just wanted to warn you of potential security risks so that you don't fall foul too.
Good luck with the new venture.

Thanks for the warning, Stepool1970. We appreciate any information we can get. =)

What about starting a renovation company using local skilled trades? Possible?

For rough idea of materials costs you could look at the website of

This will give you a   higher costing than buying your materials locally.

What is not mentioned here, regarding the security issues i that you have to plan in advance and carefully select where to buy.

If you are buying a house in a region, populated with gypsies, then all security risks will come true and even more. If you so much insist in living in a place with significant gypsy population, then at least take care of selecting a house with only Bulgarian neighbours. This will greatly  reduce the risks of breaking in your house and stealing your property.

In all cases I strongly advice to avoid such regions - things will not improve with gypsies, they will only aggravate.

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