Accommodation in Varna

Accommodation in Varna
Updated 2015-09-07 14:19

Looking for accommodation in Varna? Here is an overview of this Bulgarian city's rental market and neighborhoods.

Varna, one of the major Bulgarian cities, is deemed to be a tourist and an industrial city. In fact, tourism and industry are its main economic pillars, i.e. its main sources of activities. Hence, Varna attracts expatriates in large numbers year after year, especially for the numerous opportunities it provides. You are also likely to find a range of accommodation options in this city at affordable prices.

First of all, take the time to inquire on its different neighborhoods and on types of accommodation that are available there. Make sure to choose the best according to your needs and budget.

Good to know:

Varna is particularly popular for its beautiful beachfront apartments and houses surrounded by shops, etc., as well as its Marine Park, its tranquility and summer festivals which are celebrated there.


There is so much to see and do in Varna, starting from museums, health clubs, and many other activities. In fact, as a tourist city, Varna provides not only a range of leisure activities but also many basic facilities. You will also find residential areas, walking tracks, as well a shopping areas bustling with foreigners.

Varna also hosts many local and foreign companies and industrial zones. This is particularly what has attracted thousands of qualified professionals to the region.

Good to know:

The city is well served by a developed transport network, including buses and taxis at affordable rates. This will definitely be useful when you will go shopping or working.

Rent prices

As regards rent prices, these are quite affordable compared to other cities. In fact, despite the current tourist influx, along with cultural and sports activities which are held there, the real estate market seems to be undergoing a positive development.

Therefore, you can find accommodation as from 260 leva and up to 550 leva per month, of course varying according to the surface area of the housing unit, neighborhood and comfort level. If you are looking for a housing unit which is close to the beach or to the city-center, the rent price will be higher.

Note that some neighborhoods are solely residential areas which are more preferred by expatriate families. Hence, you are more likely to find the best housing units there.

Find accommodation

During your housing hunt, you can view offers on the Internet, whether on general or specialized real estate websites, or on expatriate forums. This will give you a better idea of types of accommodation that are available there, as well as on rent prices along with details (close to the city-center or to beach resorts, in the outskirts, accessible by public transport, etc.)

If you are already on the spot, it is best to seek the assistance of a real estate agency which can help you find accommodation according to your criteria and give you relative advice. Note, however, that you will have to pay agency fees that are generally equal to a month's rent.

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