Mauritius working visa

Please my name is Kayode From Nigeria,
Please i need Mauritius working visa...
Can anybody assist me on this?
Thanks and God bless.


You apply for a job, get it, then the employer sorts out the visa

Thanks Fred,

Do i have to come to Mauritius first on toursit visa then i can apply for a job ?
Someone told me that i must have working visa before entry Mauritius...

There is no working visa in Mauritius.
You can work and live on the island either through:
1. Occupation Permit delivered by the edb whereby the salary has to be > Rs 60K per month for a professional ( you come on a business visa and need to show that you have a prospective employment in hand since you will have to apply for that permit  in situ)
2. Work Permit delivered by the Ministry of Labour for jobs , either manual ( hired as a group per quota from different countries) or for special functions for which the employer can't find locals to do the job .  The employer has to apply on your behalf and you can't be on the island when your fiel is under study . Salary < Rs 60K

Check the Mauritius guide for information or do a search on the forum because this topic has been discussed ad vitam aeternam

Thanks for your contribution External,
I still need more explanations on this because, i think there should be a company that is ready to offer me a job before traveling to Mauritius so that i can show the immigration at the POE before they can let me in...
Please still need more explanations...

Have you applied for jobs in Mauritius from overseas?
Have you taken the time to  read the guide to know the how and what about getting employment in Mauritius?

I have searched all over google and i never see any reasonable result, thats why i come on here for help...

Hi Kboy0456,

What kind of job were you looking for ? It has been said already, you need to find a job before coming here and finding an employer who is ready to employ you will be extremely difficult.

However, maybe if you could provide some details on your qualifications or the kind of job you are looking for, members will be able to share some tips about how and where you can find a job ....

All the best,

Thanks for your support i have O Level certificate and i have alot of experience in hospitality field, i have been working as an hotel manager since 2008 till now.
And i worked with Printing company here in Nigeria for good 3 years too from 2005 to 2008.
But i can say that im fit to work in any organization that ready to employ me..

Mauritians and local residents already have the competencies you mentioned and much more. You need to ask yourself what more can you provide that a local resident or a mauritian can not.

Oh okay,
Thanks, i really appreciate...

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