I didn't close my student bank a/c, will this affect my credit score?


I left Germany in a rush roughly 2 years ago, due to some personal matters.
I processed closure of my German Student's Insurance, however, I overlooked closing my DB Student Account. Now I'm worried if this will affect my SCHUFA credit scores as I am planning to move back this October, hopefully for a longer period of time.

My Deutsche Bank was a secondary account, it was not my main account as I have an active N26 account. I remember that in the contract it said that my bank account had no maintaining balance and no monthly fee for my first year as a student. I think I asked them about how long they will keep my account if it is inactive, and if there will be charges incurred. And for the life of me. I can't remember squat about that conversation anymore.

I only remembered about this account when I was going through for my previous anmeldung and other documents in preparation for my new visa application. I have reached out to DB, but I have not received any response.

You have thoughts about this?

I already received approval for my new Visa, too. I thought that this would have effects on my visa application as well. But seems like it did'nt. Nonetheless, I don't want to mess my credit scores, or if i already did, I would like to rectify and save it.

Normally, dormant accounts will be closed by the bank after a certain ime (possibly after an unsuccessful attempt to contact the account holder).
Unless there is a legal case involved (which is very unlikely) or there is a negative balance (above trivial amounts) on the account, this will not have an influence on visa, credit score or anything else.

Hi Beppi! Thanks for your response, I appreciate it. :)

As Beppi said, unless you were overdrawn, there's little to worry about.

Hi Fred! Thanks for the response. :)
I feel more relaxed about it now.

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