Moving to Sweden with a disability

Hello everyone,

Having a disability should not be a barrier to living abroad. While the intricacies of one's move to Sweden may be specific to the individual, certain steps can be undertaken to make the process smoother.

What are the important aspects you would personally keep in mind during the planning phase (social security benefits, ongoing medical treatment, etc.)?

Are you required to go through a medical check-up before your move?

Are there any organisations or groups who lend support to expatriates who have a disability?

What are your thoughts on the infrastructure in Sweden (public spaces, transportation and buildings)?

Are there enough opportunities to make the most of your social life in Sweden? Are leisure activities made accessible to people with disabilities? 

Please do share your experience with us.


There are lots of people with different kind of disabilities who have moved to Sweden and living in fantastic living standards since Sweden offers everything a disable person should have to live a normal lifestyle as possible. Everything is financed by tax payers contribution. For people who interested in more information this link may will get you to somewhere … edattning/

Dear Bhavna and all,
we at the St. Elisabeth Convent would be glad for getting in touch with any communities and forums for cultural integration of disabled persons in Sweden and share experience.

St Elisabeth Convent

hello, yes it is true that Sweden has a spectacular transportation and a culture for passengers but otherwise it does not have anything more attractive for those who want to live there since it does not have opportunities for foreigners and the cost of living is extremely high without belting that the people of Sweden are not interested in making new friends at all since it is not their culture to talk with foreign people so fun or recreation is very lonely in that country

@Jorge Rivera hello, this i did not know about Sweden i will now look more thoroughly into your perspective of moving to Sweden. Thank you.

@Bhavna These are very good questions you bring up I'm going to rent virtually a business office to have a satellite business location in Sweden ,  never considered transportation or medical well I recall the medical system is tier level for the natives of Sweden similar to ours this much I know I have family there they are distant relatives that I need to reconnect with that would for sure fill me in on everything .

@Jorge Rivera unless you love coffee lol if one loves coffee one will make friends , the tax rate is higher than other European counterparts to my surprise .

@semconvent Hello, I am a person with a disability. I am looking to emigrate to Sweden but thought I should stay there for a month or 2 first. Could you be so kind to instruct me on what steps I need to take? There is a lot of information online and it can get confusing. Thank you so much

Embarking on a New Chapter in Sweden? Embrace the Adventure! Research accessible resources, connect with local support networks, and embrace Sweden's inclusive spirit for a fulfilling experience.