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Hello everyone,

I will be moving to Sweden in the next couple of months from Turin (Italy), a company relocation for work on a permanent basis. My place of work will be Överum but from Google maps, I've seen that the closest city/twon to live looks like is Västervik.  Can anyone of you please suggest me how is the city Västervik to live in?  Maybe there are other better beautiful town/cities nearby which I don't know. Obviously, I don't know and would like to know from the local Swedes living in the nearby areas living or any other expats who are living closeby

I've read that majority of Swedes speak English but is it the case also with this city/town? how is the city in general, public transportation to Överum ecc or to travel nearby using bus or trains? is the city buzzing or really dull?

Also, if anyone know any other cities nearby within a radius of 80 kms from Överum to live and is really good in terms of all amenities, supermarkets, restauarants, events ecc for the youth (cause I'm young as well  :) ), please let me know. will be really helpful.

Västervik is the big city over there. Överum is in Västervik kommun so all its resources, medical, dental etc. are found in Västervik. My wife's parents live in Överum and we visit them several times every year. Överum is a very small and quiet community. A grocery store, a small pub and all the forests and lakes around the  village you could ever want.

Västervik is a very nice sized small town on the most beautiful east coast archipelago you can imagine. The summer activities are endless and water sports are abound. This last weekend I was in Västervik with my wife visiting friends and enjoying the "Visfestivalen" which happens every year! I believe next weekend is when Västervik has the annual MC meeting where thousands of motorcycle enthusiasts show up for fun and music activities.

Winters can be very cold and dark but It's like this pretty much all over Sweden this time of year.

You can easily commute by train between Västervik and Överum. It is a small and cute commuter train which winds its way through several small villages connecting them together.

Thank you very much for your kind reply.
Will help me a lot.


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