Driving Licence Petition

Hi All,

As we all struggle for getting the driving licence in Belgium due to waiting period and rules. While in another neighboring EU countries like Netherlands we can just exchange our licence. Can we all send the email or do something to let Indian embassy/ govt to do something so that they can have an agreement with Belgium govt as well.


You can always try. But honestly I have doubts.

From a simplistic and personal point of view, I will say that as long as you ride on the wrong side of the road in your country, Belgium will not change its mind ...

I can completly under stand on left hand and right hand driving part. But Neighboring countries also exchange Indian licence.. For instance Netherlands..

Holland had colonies in Asia.  So they integrated the system.  But for example, the English also must pass the driving license.

Then what about UK and Germany. they did not had colonies in Asia

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