Updated BE Driving license rule - First aid + RPT in English


As per the new Driving rules in Belgium(Brussels):
1. First Aid training course is mandatory(90 mins Online + 3hrs Practical)
2. Risk perception Test

Both the above tests are mandatory prior to the final Practical Driving exam.
However, there is no guideline or detail on taking this exam for a non NL or FR speaker .
Does anyone here have experience recently with taking the two exams above in English perhaps or with the use of a translator? Any help would be greatly appreciated!


I am trying to book the slots online for the theory exams but even I do not see any option for translators.

I visited the autoecole office [at] schaerbeek to inquire about translators but due to covid they are not allowing people inside the office premises.

So, even I am looking for info about translators during the theory exams.


By appointment only, you can take the exam in English at these two centers.

- https://www.autosecurite.be/location_st … wandre-91/

- https://www.aibv.be/fr/centre-de-couillet

Hello Phepiemar,

Thanks for the links.
Do you also have the link to book the theory test in Brussels.
I am trying to book the theory test with 'https://examen.autocontrole.be/Examen/' but I do not see any options for the English translator.

Even their number is defunct and I am not getting any info if I will get a translator or not if I book any available slots.

What can be done in this case ?


You can also check https://www.drivinglicence-belgium.be for lessons and practice tests (paid).

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