car loan application cancellation

hi ,i have applied car loan but due to car issue i have stopped the application and wrote letter to cancel loan application ,today i got call from CID that i have to go to office next monday? got msg also why cid called me ? they did not tell any reason ,what document i should carry?

I have found it's best to carry everything when going into an unknown meeting.
I keep a pack of all important documents and a set of photocopies in a folder, and scanned versions on my phone so I can WA or email at a moments notice.
You never get caught out without the right thing if you have that.

And from what you wrote, I have absolutely no idea what the issue is.  You start with a car loan and end at CID. These are two completely separate things.   If you want an answer, you need to be clear with your question.

No I am thinking why cid called me? What might be reason? Any documents I should carry?

No one here can tell you why they called you.  You haven't given any details whatsoever for anyone to be able to judge the reason.  Just go to the office and see.

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