Cancelled visa. Want to leave Bahrain + pay bills outside the country

I got terminated. My visa cancelled. I want to go from Bahrain and leave the country. I want to go other GCC country for work.

I have new bank loan, credit card (complete paid in full with extra payment 15BD in case I need to use for emergency). I have open phone line and internet, still contract not finish.

All I said above, bills paid on time. Always. No missing payment. Before I go airport, I will pay 2 months advance for all so no problem. I will pay until all contract finish but not in Bahrain. Other country where I will get new job.

Is that okay? No problem? They will let me go out of Bahrain in airport? New country I go, no problem? They let me inside airport and country?

I can pay bills every month. But I can not pay everything in one day before I leave Bahrain. Too much if like that.

Please help. I want to leave Bahrain with no problem. I need to go very fast. Visa is cancelled already because terminated.

If the loan is not in default and an execution court has not been involved (for ordering of travel ban); there will be no issue in leaving Bahrain.

No no. I pay all bills on time regularly.

I want to pay everything on monthly like in contract until end, then i will cancel.

My phone/ wifi bill also always paid. No problem i leave? I go other country to find job if ok. Visa already ok for other country.

But here in Bahrain, permit already cancel because of termination.

I am so confused and scared they stop me in airport.

How will I know if they give travel ban to me? I am really worried

As I said, there should be no issue in leaving Bahrain based on what you described above.

Thank you !!! I ca not sleep just thinking about this problem. Thanks p

I have the same situation. Can I leave Bahrain without any problem? I accepted job in UAE and the visa is ready. I am just finishing my 1 month notice and will be leaving soon. Is there any connection between the visa and the bank loan, cc and phone lines? they can detect that? please advise.

our hotel will be closing for renovation and they are asking us to find new job but unfortunately there is none opportunity here in Bahrain and I accepted new job but in UAE. Can I leave bahrai  without bahrain?

are you still in bahrain or u left withour any problem?

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