Car Loan


What kind of car loans are available for used cars and also the documents that an expat would need?
Also i heard the car loans are available for cars in certain conditions.

Please can someone give me details or share their experience regarding the same?

Thanks in Advance

Used car loans are widely available, but restrictions would be slightly more compared to new cars. Few of finance companies/banks won't give loan for used cars. Some will give only if car is not more than 5 years old. Down payment would be required to be more. Documents for yourself would be CPR, salary certificate / proof of income - must be at least 300 BD (some may as even more). You can easily google the financial institutes which will give loans for this purpose, their agents will contact you easily. Another thing for used car- insurance/police record / check by authorized service stations will be needed. There are many threads on this forum for same discussion, you will be able to search it easily.

Thank You, and i had searched on the forum and on google as well.  I mostly wanted to know if the procedure is easy and if someone has gone through the same they could share the experience with a particular bank. And the main purpose of the quarry was a genuine answer from real time people as it is always easy and better to work with.

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