Driving into the path of speeding oncoming cars

Have you had a near death experience? A speeding coach (bus). What does my driver do, standing out of harms way? Silly to ask, of course he would move into the path of the bus! The bus was too fast to slam on the brakes, but kindly swerved or else I would be one of 2 corpses near Thanh Hoa City.

Do this automatically every chance you get. Wonna cross a busy 2-way lane while they have ,green> and you would wait in the West, yielding?

Yielding is un-Vietnamese. So let's obstruct the lane of fast cars. Punish them for having more money? Dare them to hit and injure or kill you?

Do this in top gear (what else)!!

Try getting a stationary bicycle to move in top gear. It will be 5 x harder and slower. But this makes life more interesting, I suppose?

Remind others to keep on the lookout.

So glad that driver risked toppling over his bus to save our lives.

Another one of the joys of Vietnam.


Just lost a couple of teachers last month when the car they were riding in crashed.  The press has applied more apathy and ineptitude in their coverage of this one than they usually do. SA couple die in car accident in Vietnam

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