Motorbike repair cost advice

Hey guys,

Sorry if this has been posted before but I had a few questions with regards to repair costs for my bike. I just wanted to get a ball park of what I should be paying.

I want to replace a mirror that broke (just the glass broke out but the plastic is still attached etc, not sure i that makes a difference or if they'll just replace the whole thing?)

Also if a tube bursts etc, how much should a new tube cost? I've been told anywhere from 40k by one person to 100k by another.

Any advice is much appreciated. The bike is a Yahama Nouvo by the way.

Cheers guys!!!

swmbo has a nouvo and had a mirror replaced (whole unit) at a Yamaha dealer, can't recall the exact price as had some other bits done at the same time, but somewhere between 100-200k.

Inner tube, repair a puncture should cost 15k but varies between 15-30k if they think they can charge you more.
Replacement tube is around 70-100k fitted for a reasonably good quality tube.
There is a guy in D1 (corner of Pham Hong Thai\Ly Tu Trong) that tried to charge me 250k for a tube rather than repair the puncture, (a local lass was helping with the translation even though I could understand and asked him 3 times if the price was correct as she could not believe him!) I told him to go away politely and pushed the bike to another guy who repaired it for 20k. Still overcharged but not daylight robbery.

Keep in mind the above prices include "white-skin" tax :D

Cheers man. Yeah I was guessing about 1-200 for the mirror but thought I would check here first. And the tube price seems bout right from what I paid the other day.

Thanks very much!

You can find after market mirrors everywhere, i picked up a cool looking black one for 100k and the guy just removed my old one and put the new one on in about 5 minutes

And remember, ask "bao nhiêu?"(how much) before you give to repair or buy something :D Otherwise they will cut your throat as you are a foreigner. Vietnamese business people 'like' foreigners so much!
So many street vendors selling bike mirror with cheap price. If you want good quality, should buy it from shops.

Advice to buy mirrors for your motorbike not only cheap but also quality, prices and quality have to get together reasonably.
In VietNam there are many stores which sold things attached to motorbike. However, if you are a foreigner, then prices will be increased impossibly. Consequently, let go to buy with your vietnam friend, or consult prices from stores and ask "bao nhieu" before deciding to buy it.
Im a vietnamese, i usually go to this store to repair for my motorbike because store belongs to a adult married couple who is virtuous and sincere. So, you can buy almost things related to motorbikes.