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buses in Vietnam
Updated 2023-11-19 11:42

During your stay in Vietnam, you will be moving around, and often, the sidewalks in rush hour become extensions of the road. If you are walking with headphones, remember to check over your shoulder to avoid an accident or listen for a warning honk! Whether you are going to work, meeting friends for a drink, or exploring a new district, there are various means of transportation in the country. 

Airports in Vietnam

Vietnam has several international and domestic airports that thousands of travelers use daily. Air ticket prices are reasonable, especially via local budget airlines, and the websites are simple to translate. You can book online or find a shop to book the tickets in person.

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Traveling by train in Vietnam

Traveling by train can be more time-consuming, but it is a low-cost and enjoyable option for the adventurous traveler. The Vietnamese railway system is safe, efficient, and connected to many destinations. Trains offer various levels of comfort, but for the most comfortable journey, book a sleeper carriage. Most trains will have a snack cart that goes through often, plus a designated meal car serving baos (hut savory dough bun) and soup. Ticket prices will fluctuate depending on how early you reserve a seat and the type of seat.

Good to know:

You can bring your own food on board, but be mindful of cleaning up the garbage after you leave.

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Traveling by bus in Vietnam

The different Vietnamese provinces are served by various bus companies. Traveling by bus is one of the cheapest means of transport in the country but is not for the faint of heart. Buses will go notoriously fast once they hit the highway, and it's best to take something to settle your stomach if you are embarking on a long journey. Despite this, several buses are aimed specifically at foreign travelers, and these vehicles are usually modern and comfortable. One of the most well-known Vietnamese bus companies is Phuong Hoang Buses. When you book a bus ticket, you will normally be able to see pictures of the seats. There is a spectrum of bus travel ranging from the bare minimum to comfortable lie-down beds with personal AC and charging ports. If you feel intimidated to book your ticket in person, ask the front desk of your hotel, and they will quickly make a phone call. Most buses catering to foreigners will come to pick you up from your hotel or help you walk to the station.

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Traveling by taxi in Vietnam

You will find many taxi companies in Vietnam that utilize both vehicles and motorbikes! Motorcycle taxis are a great choice if you want to move around more rapidly, and they are significantly cheaper than traveling by car. They're great if you're in a hurry, as long as your driver doesn't get lost along the way! Every foreigner in Vietnam should download the Grab, Gojek, or Be taxi mobile apps for fast, efficient scooter taxis that are available 24/7. You can usually set up a prepay with your card to avoid the hassle of counting change or potentially getting ripped off. Booking a bike taxi through an app will also hold the driver accountable for safety, as they want as many 5-star reviews as possible.

If you are using a taxi company like Vinasun, either confirm the rate when you get in or make sure the meter is running after the driver starts driving and not before. In general, the taxi driver starts the meter as soon as you are on board. You will need to pay the amount shown on the meter at the end of the journey.

Good to know:

You are advised to look out for tampered meters and only stick with reputable companies, such as Mai Linh Taxi or Vinasun Taxi. Global brands like Grab are in operation in the major Vietnamese cities.

Booking a private driver in Vietnam

There are several reputable car companies that will assist you in arriving from point A to point B. Depending on your itinerary, it might be beneficial to find a private driver for the entire duration of your trip. This will be the more expensive option, but your safety and comfort will be guaranteed as you navigate the streets.

It is not recommended that you rent a car and drive it yourself in Vietnam, as the traffic can be quite chaotic. Cars are not given the right of way in big cities, and without a valid international driver's license, any accidents will not be covered by insurance.

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