Working Remotely in NL for a US Company

Hi All,

I am new to the forums, and am hoping for some help!

My girlfriend is being sponsored to work in the NL and I can come with her since we have a domestic partnership and get the same benefits she does.

However, I want to keep working for my US-based company remotely, and they are okay with it.

My question is -- can I continue to get paid just as I do now, and then pay taxes in NL and US? Will my employer have to pay any additional taxes outside of my typical payroll taxes?

Any help would be awesome!



Hi and welcome to the Forum.

It's not easy to do as the moment you move to Holland, you become a resident of the Netherlands and Dutch law applies to all of your life.  One of which are employment rights, these are very different between the US and NL (for example obligations to contracted workers - once you've worked for an employer for over a certain time, it's very hard to dismiss someone without a lot of legal work and costs, plus taxes and health insurance will become difficult; for this reason, it's becoming increasingly common for Dutch workers to work on short-term 8-month contracts.

That said, it can't be impossible, you can't be the first guy doing this, it just becomes a potential administrative nightmare and at the end of the day, if it goes wrong, it's you trying to explain things to a taxman.

One possible way around this is I've heard stories where people who do this do so by your current employer reaching out to an employment agency in the Netherlands, who then take you on directly on a temporary Dutch contract, your Employer pays your salary, plus the costs of the agency to them and you become a de facto employee of the agency on short-term contracts; I guess it all depends on how much your current boss wants to keep you on with the increased costs of doing this.

If you do find a way of doing this, I'd be really grateful to know the how, when and where of how you did it so we can better advise other expats.

Hope this helps.

Expat Team

Hope this helps.

Thank you for the help! I will keep you posted!

Hi- Curious what came of this as I'm in a similar situation. I'll be moving with my husband/kids for his job, and I can continue working remotely for my current company as far as they are concerned.

Hello!  I'm in the exact same boat!  I have approval from HR and my manager to go live abroad with my Dutch partner, but the processes that need to be set up for this to work for the Netherlands sound pretty intense. I don't think my company is going to do this just for me. I got a reply from Orange Tax about getting them set up as a non-resident employer and it sounded like a LOT of work for the HR people. Surely the Netherlands would like me to pay taxes on my six figure income rather than have me pay no taxes and just live with my boyfriend.  I'm getting a bit discouraged.

I have nothing further to add to my previous post (2).  Nobody has ever come back to us and confirmed that they achieved it and how.  Perhaps first speak to your HR department (this link may help them) and check how they're going to pay your Dutch taxes and then when you know that, get your Dutch partner to speak on your behalf to the Belastingdienst.

Hope this helps.

Expat Team