Terminated Without Being Offered A Contract

I am an American expatriate teaching English in Riyadh. I was working in Al Khobar until I was suddenly terminated. The company never gave me a contract, only a job offer letter that I and the company signed. My job offer letter did not contain any words about a probation period, notice of termination, or anything other than the length of the employment period. The project manager offered some vague excuse for firing me, saying he observed me through a security camera in the classroom, and didn't like my body language. Prior to that day, I invited him to come to my classroom to formally observe my lesson (he refused to come).
  I talked with a legal adviser, and he told me that the company acted illegally in employing me without a contract, and they are also required to pay out the remainder (9 months) of the agreed upon employment period stated in the job offer signed by myself and the company president.
  My question is this: Has anyone ever had a similar experience, and taken their former employer to labor court? What should I expect in terms of litigation time?
  Any thoughts will be greatly appreciated; thank you!

Sir, my father had expereince the same situation like yours. You must take them to the labour court and when the see you are not letting it go easily, they will for sure try to compensate with you. 110%

Thanks for sharing your father's experience, Owais007. In fact, I intend to do just as you say. I only needed an idea about my chances of succeeding.
Best Regards,

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