Status of my Permanent Residency after divorce


I got married in Brazil and received my RNE/Permanent Residency based on marriage with
Brazilian spouse. But unfortunately there were a lot of conflicts ,so I got divorced after 5
months of getting RNE.

Now i want to confirm what will be happened with my RNE status?It will be cancelled or not??
please let me know if somebody knows about it.Advance thanks,

All depends on your EX. If she reports and files the divorce, the PF can revoke the old RNE.
They have had issues with coming to BR and getting married just to live in BR.

Thanks for replying. I agree as you said. But let's suppose if ex wife does not complain or file in federal police then is there any more option to revoke RNE based on marriage??

I am not an expert on the subject, (especially in Brasil) only know what I was told after I married here and was told that if I left or divorced I could have the RNE revoked.
All up to you and avoiding any problems.

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