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Hello everyone!

Has anyone experienced applying for permanent residency of spouse with address proof on parent's name? Does the address proof have to be necessarily on your name? (I live with my parents  and we'll apply for RNM in our jurisdiction, later on my husband and I will move to São Paulo and update the new address). Do I put a water/electricity bill under my name then?


yes you can do it on your parents address if you living there, no problem

If the Policia Federal ask for proof of address (comprovante de endereço), you have to have your name (the husband or wife) on any of the bills like electricity or water.

But you can also try the "Declaracão Sob Pena de Lei." Your parents can accompany you at your local electricity provider stating that she pays the electricity at the place where you live. The statement made by the electricity provider should suffice as proof.

If the PF does not require the "comprovante de endereço," then you can put your mother´s address where you live. They won´t even check!


Well I had to get a new cell carrier and it had address where I lived.  Had to wait on card and CPF for electric (Copel). Water was changed to home no problem since local.
As said maybe parents can help. Think new law will not have PF coming to visit.

We had our landlord sign a "compravante de endereço" and the PF accepted it.

Thanks everyone!

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