Being convincing to an employer in Puerto Rico

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Finding a job in Puerto Rico is no easy feat. From applying for a job all the way to job interviews, the etiquette can be different abroad. Specially job interviews, that can already be pretty daunting, can feel even worse when set in a whole new country. If you’ve gone through a job interview in Puerto Rico before, how about giving a few tips to someone who might be preparing for one?

Do interviews usually take place in a formal or casual setting in Puerto Rico? Do you have any pointers for job interviews that take place over a lunch or dinner?

From application all the way to the job interview, what is essential to make an candidate stand out?

Culturally speaking, are there specific do’s and don’ts? What is the general take on bringing a parent on the job interview or a gift to the interviewer?

Can you tell us a little about your experience? What worked and what did not work for you?

How important is it to have a solid professional network prior to a job interview?

Please share your experience,


After the devastation of the hurricane I’d think getting a job there would be pretty easy?  Wouldn’t they be glad anyone wants to come?

That is not correct, there are plenty of people in the island looking for a job (college graduates and non graduates), lots of businesses closed due to no electricity or water for close to a year, so even more people end up without a job. Still almost 2 years later people are leaving the island looking for a job in the states.

While unemployment is around 3.6% in the states, in PR it is around 15% unemployment.

Jobs were hard to find before the hurricane, even harder now.   If you arent bilingual forget about getting a job.   Create a business is your best bet however thats anither nightmare in its self. I always tell people if you are retired and have a pension or social security then puerto rico is wonderful.  If you need to work to live then i suggest not living on the island

Unemployment is very high in Puerto Rico. To give those that don’t know a better idea, Puertoricans have been leaving to the states in high numbers to find work. Also, in most cases you must be bilingual (spanish/english) to have half a chance at finding a job in Puerto Rico.

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