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Hi expat community. My husband, kids and I are planning a move to Rincón in Jan/early February. My husband and I can work remotely from  anywhere, but I just want to check on the electrical/internet reliability in Rincon. I’ve read conflicting reports, but mostly from older blogs and posts. If we need to be RELIABLY accessible online during the week, is this going to be a problem?  Can we expect to be able to work 6 hours/day online with a back-up generator if the electricity is out?  Are there issues with generators at rentals that we should know about?  How often (if ever) will we lose power in Rincón?  Any other considerations?  Thank you all in advance for the help!

My advice from living on the island since 2014 and I have lived in cabo rojo, arecibo, Rincon, aguada and Quebradillas is stay away from Rincon.  Most of Rincon has power and water issues.  Internet is another cluster.
You need to get liberty internet as claro and all satellite won't do You justice. 
If the island is hit with another major issue don't expect any power, water and especially internet. We live 1 road off the main highway in a tourist area and we didn't get it back for 7 months.   If you still decide to move to the island you need to make sure liberty internet is intstalled before you sign a cobtract
If you call them they will tell you many times yes they have service there and then you sign a lease liberty comes and then tells you no.
You might want to consider a bigger city if you relay on internet. But its a hit or miss
Not to burst your bubble things on the island are like being in the 1950s.  It's not an easy life to adjust to also.  Rincon ia very ovee priced. Maybe consider aguadilla.

Every time it rains people lose power, water and internet. The worse thing about Rincon is the brown outs which will ruin every appliance you have. Some landlords will allow generator many don't. Thats wht we moves from Rincon. Always water, power issues and the landlord said no generators
To be honest with you its a 3rd world country here.  Many places considered 3rd world country's are more stable with their water, power and internet. Healthcare is another scary situation.  Have you considered any othee countries? Panama? Costa Rica, Mexico etc

Wow. Thanks for the info! Getting the ok for the generator sounds critical or finding a place that already has one. And making sure Liberty Internet can hook up. If those two things pan out, sounds like it’s still a pain, but possibly do-able. We’re still open to other areas of PR, but preferably not a bigger city. I don’t want to move away from a hustle and bustle of one city to go to another one. Traffic is a huge deterrent. Are there other towns on the west coast that are better run - as far as Internet/electricity and water- than Rincón?  We are set on PR, rather than Costa Rica, Mexico, Panama, etc.
Thanks for the insights!

I meant like aguadilla.  Its a big city but not like most us cities.  Plus lots of areas aren't inntue city its self.  I would personally recommend isabela.  Most home will come with a transfer switch which you have to bring a generator
I highly recommend a. Whole house over A place that has 2 apartments or a complex
As most complexes won't allow them
They might advertise that there is a generator back up. Which means like a small area of the pool will have it only. Its a trick they use.
Also an important thing would be to make sure you have a cistern. Another thing to consider is that most homes don't have hot water in the kitchen or sinks.  You will have to buy a suicidal shower head that plugs in however these only get warm and not hot.  If you want hot water rent a place that has a heated solar tank
This will save you a lot of money in electricity
Also a thing to look for its gas hookups. So you can cook with gas.  As electricity is prices. Plus easier to use if you don't have power

If you want reliability, get two internet services and a generator. Nothing is perfect. Also use your phone as a modem as a third option. For most people, they just need connectivity, not blazing speed on their backup systems. So Liberty for primary, then Claro for 5 to 50 mega service and finally your phone. A few  long extension cords to bring power where needed and you are all set.

Rey most of the time if the power is down your internet service wont be working as well. If you have satellite it will work
Each area has their own hub near you which provides your service.  Maybe its different on your side of the island

Thanks Rey.  Sounds workable!  Any idea/guess on how much this would run in terms of price?  I appreciate the info!

"I meant like aguadilla.  Its a big city but not like most us cities.  Plus lots of areas aren't inntue city its self.  I would personally recommend isabela.  Most home will come with a transfer switch which you have to bring a generator"

Hi Sandra, thanks for the pointers.  We are looking for a slower paced lifestyle (outside of work).  I'd like to be in a smaller area with a strong community if possible.  Are Aguadilla and Isabella places we should consider for that?  I'd like to be somewhere that does not feel like "America", no gated communities, no clear lines between socioeconomic classes, no giant Walmart right down the street, etc.  I already live with that everyday, and would enjoy living more simply (with less plastic junk)!

Both places you will find that it's part of the hustle

I live and work online next door to Rincón in Aguada and with a few tools, have no issues staying connected 24/7. 

For internet, most places will have service from Liberty or Claro.  Liberty is probably better and what I use, but in our area, it was actually Claro that was restored first after the hurricane.  This will be your primary internet.  For backup, I recommend an AT&T hotspot.  I actually wrote a post on my blog about how to get unlimited data for your hotspot that only costs $34.99 a month.

http://athomeinpuertorico.com/best-deal … ited-data/

As far as electricity, it has been pretty reliable lately but you need to have tools to get you through an outage.  With a little a creativity you can get by without a generator. (we live in a condo and are not allowed to use a generator)  You basically need the following:

- a laptop with good battery life
- a backup battery like this Dell Power Companion
- car chargers for your laptop, backup battery, and hotspot
- and if you want to take it to the next level, a portable solar panel/charger like this MegaSolar 60W

The bottom line is, don't worry.  I know plenty of people besides myself that work remotely here, even in Rincón.

If you have satellite Internet, and a generator, you will always have Internet. I know they offer satellite Internet here but it can be expensive, I have liberty and I live in Vega Baja, very few issues as a matter fact that’s all we do for entertainment is stream from the Internet

Thanks David!  You just made my day. I’ll check out the link on your site. Great to know!

AT&T internet and Directv  works very well for us.  Better than Liberty that we had prior to Maria   

The suggestion about battery and car charger is good.   😎

Satélite Internet I consider it as a last resort. It stops working when there is heavy clouds and this is PR, heavy clouds happen often. With satélite you would be out of service any time it gets real cloudy or heavy rain as your dish will not be able to see the satélite

It is also a metered system so you have a quota and after that they slow it to modem speed, barely usable. So if you like to stream movies like in Hulu, Amazon, Netflix, you will use up your 30 day quota in 10 days and have lousy service the other 20 days.

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