About Puerto Rico

Located in the Caribbean, Puerto Rico is a US territory and, as such, entry requirements for would-be expats are the same as for the United States. However, US citizens can travel to and from Puerto Rico without either a passport or visa. The country's year-round tropical climate and sandy beaches make it appealing to both tourists and expats.

Puerto Rico has an interesting history, from the civilisations that first inhabited the island to its post-colonial development as a US territory. Monuments from these times can still be found throughout the island, alongside its abundant rainforests and pristine beaches. The capital city of San Juan is more urbanised. However, some colonial architecture remains.

The country's economy is primarily based on manufacturing, though there is significant activity in the services sector. However, nearly half of the territory's population live below the poverty line, and Puerto Rico itself suffers from debt issues. However, most residents do not pay income tax, and there is no capital gains tax. There is also a large tourism industry, with its US connection making it a popular destination for American tourists.