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Renting in Puerto Rico

Visiting the island many times over the years and getting to know the towns and different areas before making a move is the best ...

Why realtors may not call you back

There are many reasons and probably more that I can list, but I will try to cover the most common ones. Remember, a realtor is ...

Social Security Number for Expats

Ok, have a social security number is your first step to receive your salary and start you financial live on the island. It could ...

About Work VISA

I am writing this guide to assist people understand how a work VISA is done.

A land of opportunity and freedom.

The day we decided to move we were a little worry about how expensive it would be. Now we know how affordable it is to live in ...

Paying Taxes in Puerto Rico

Paying Taxes in Puerto Rico

Purchasing property in Puerto Rico

Six yeas ago we purchased our home in Naguabo Puerto Rico (PR) in the barrio of El Duce. Some of the lessons we learned are ...

5 misconceptions about Puerto Rico

Playa del Condado, Puerto Rico

About Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico has an interesting history, from the civilisations that first inhabited the island to its post-colonial development as a US territory. Monuments from these times can still be found throughout the island, alongside its abundant rainforests and pristine beaches. The capital city of San Juan is more urbanised. However, some colonial architecture remains.

The country's economy is primarily based on manufacturing, though there is significant activity in the services sector. However, nearly half of the territory's population live below the poverty line, and Puerto Rico itself suffers from debt issues. However, most residents do not pay income tax, and there is no capital gains tax. There is also a large tourism industry, with its US connection making it a popular destination for American tourists.

Quick Information

Official Languages : Spanish; Castilian
Currency : Dollar
Area : 9104 Km2
Population : 3916632
Calling Code : ++1-787 and
Timezone : America/Puerto_Rico

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