Building a concrete pool

Hello!  We’re hoping that someone will be able to guide us/help us obtaining a pool contractor  or average  cost in Puerto Rico for building a concrete pool. We would like it to include:
*A beach entry (no steps)
*Salt water
*infinity  pool
*Approximately 30’ long
*About 5.5’ deep
*The site is rocky (house is on a small hill)
*Semi rounded shape( like a cove)
*2 built in lounge chairs and table in between
All ideas and suggestions are welcome!

There are plenty of pool contractors in the island. You should be able to search for pool construction Puerto Rico.

As to location, pools can be build on hills even on stills. As to how deep,  consider 4.5 feet the entire length. It allows for swimming while still allowing people to just stand up if they get tired without risk of drowning. Check with home insurance company about requirement for a fence or not. There are legal issues if an unauthorized person drowns in the middle of the night, specially a kid.

Depending where you live and your tolerance to cold, you may want to install a heater to take the chill off.

Thank you! We’re meeting this morning ( in about 15 min) with a local pool contractor.  You make a great point about fence & insurance. 
Muchas gracias!

Yea, kids may jump in

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