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Hi. My fiancé and are interested in moving to PR for a year or two, particularly San Juan area. I am an attorney and he is into marketing. I would not be able to practice in PR and need to find employment. Our Spanish is decent but not great. Any advice on where to start?

Hi Wonderer:

You can search the USAJOBS site for government positions. My wife is military, and I know quite a few people that have secured federal employment, but there are some tricks with applying for specific jobs.  PM me and I'd be happy to share what they have told me.  Best of luck with your research!

You may be able to practice law in Puerto Rico at the federal level, as I did. Everyone who is admitted to the US District Court for the District of Puerto Rico (which falls under the 1st Circuit), even graduates of PR law schools, have to pass a separate bar exam just for the federal level. Here is a link to the process: … admission.

Warning: In typical PR-style they fail to tell you that even after you wait months and months to get your bar results, you'll still have to wait even longer to get sworn in. This is because the Clerk of Court organizes only two mass swearing-ins a year! Individual judges won't swear you in upon request like they'd normally do elsewhere. (At least that's how it was when I went through the process anyway. It's probably still the case.)

Thanks for this response I was curious about the federal level process! Are you familiar with the availability or difficultly of getting such positions? [at]nomadlawyer

Yes, it is very hard to get hired once you pass the district bar. I was fortunate in that regards but getting paid timely is a rare thing. Much depends on what type of law you practice. I know a hell of a lot of local lawyers there who are seriously struggling.

I know people at the big firms and boutique practices. Let me know if you want to discuss either path in more detail.

Start your own practice even from home. A lot of people need english speaking lawyers in SJ, specially the military AND THEY ARE HARD TO COME BY.

Wondering how to land a job in Puerto Rico.

Best get a job in US that allows you to be remote 100%. Jobs are hard to get for locals with 11.5% unemployment and much more difficult for somebody that does not speak the language.
Other common alternative is to start your own business.

Locals that can speak both languages and that have a degree exceed the number of available jobs. That is why a lot of people are moving to the states.

Federal jobs:

Hello! I saw your response to the English speaking Job question - I know this post is over a year old now but any chance you could give me the advice on securing a government job? My husband and I have been in San Juan for a year now with military orders and still can't seem to land something. Crossing my fingers!

There about 25 listed jobs in the site but not sure if you have the skills or like the pay … ected=true

Also try

Not sure if the jobs will continue their hiring process, Trump signed an executive order to freeze all federal job hiring other than military.

There is also a US Federal District court, in SJ

In addition to federal jobs, you may want to look at support-type organizations that serve the federal government (Commissary system, military exchanges, etc. ususally labeled NAF - non-appropriated funding). It can prove to be a valuable stepping stone to a federal GS job since its VERY helpful to have a contact at the agency you're looking into. Also consider the DoD school system - they frequently look for teachers, substitutes, and other personnel. Hope this helps!!

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