Home security on Las Terrenas

We are in the process of buying an older house in the "El Centro" area. It has a low wall in the front and high wall on one side and the back where it borders hotel/Condo complexes. There is nothing between the neighbor's house, which also has a low front wall. Our current plan is to put a fence up between the neighbors yard and ours, for privacy, and to keep the dog we will inevitably adopt out of their yard. Second step of the plan is to increase the front wall to match the Condo wall height, and add a power gate so we can get  in and out of the yard without getting out of the car. Does anybody have cameras? What are the effective methods of security for a house that  might be unoccupied for long periods?

Good questions.  Sounds like you are thinking ahead. I have a friend in the area who is a security specialist and he can help you if you like.

Leaving  property alone for long periods is rarely a good idea.   You will want cameras for sure and someone to look in on things once in a while.

We will take a while getting the place cleaned up and modernized. It hasn't had any work done in a long time and is dated, and technologically challenged... An older Italian woman has been there for 1 month a year for a long time, then it's left closed up. Nothing to steal inside, so there is that!

That is good for now then.

The best security will be metal grilles to all windows and doors and even patio. Dominicans are pretty good at making these grilles and screens look good with cast mouldings inserted into the grillage.

Caution with alarms if you don't have a relaible company to check on activations promptly. Recently amended noise law makes the prolonged activated alarm noise an offence. Cameras again are only as good as the security provider.

An Italian friend I knew whilst living there, told me that there was opportunity being asked to stay/sit in properties whilst the owners were away as a means of security. Worth considering?

Las Terrenas is strongly unionized and a very independent populace in every aspect, so do agree the alterations to fences etc. with your neighbors in advance, rather than provoke them into retrospective action. A good local maestro to do the work would be a big help.

There are indeed some interesting properties throughout the central section of town which given a spruce up could be a good investment.

If you will have internet/wifi I am VERY Happy with my ARLO home security system.  Cameras run for 6 months or so with out recharging battery so no wires to cut and it's all wireless.  I get an alert on my phone with video for any activation inside or out.  No monthly fees.  Plus the cameras also have a microphone and speaker so I can hear what is going on or holler "Get Out".

The cameras are white, articulate via a magnet mount on a ball and socket joint.  I put camo tape on mine and stick them in trees, etc.

Automatically records and stores activations in the cloud plus sent to your phone as an email with video and sensitivity is adjustable.  Also has night vision.

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A further idea to provide security if you are not in the property for long periods, is to install window and door shutters which are bolted from the inside except entry door. This is a commin form of hurricane and secirity protection in other islands. Also you could consider the commercially available roll down or slide across hurricane shutters.

The key in DR is to keep intruders out. Alarm activations and video clips aren't much use when you are in another country.

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