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Hi Everyone, i am a South African Registered Nurse in General, community, psychiatry and midwifery is it possible to get employment and sponsorship in Malta, my husband is a FmG branch manager, would there be opportunities for him too? Or is it that if you cant invest the required amount you would not be considered
Please assist and guide me

Try the facebook groups specifically for south africans in malta, many people there helping other saffas with the process - more SA people there than here, investment not necessarily needed

Hi Carmz,
As an RN myself, I can tell you there are quite a few jobs here in Malta within the private sector. There are also vacancies at the government hospital, however,  I was told those adverts only comes out twice a year. 
As for your husband, I cannot comment, as I do not know.
But all the best

Hi Carmz,
As for nursing opportuntiies, see this: … H0OcYhKi70

Start your inquiries here: info[at]

As for resident status - that's a different issue - and a different discussion thread on this forum.  A lot will depend on whether you have any citizenship connections with EU countries.  You'll find support here:

FmG?  May not be a universally recognised acronym.  The urban dictionary is most unflattering as regards this term (ha ha).  You may want to spell out what your husband does to find suitable opportunities.

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