Work at bangalore... or wherever in India!!

Hello everyone!
My name is Nuria. IŽm from Spain (where I live right now), but IŽm very very very interested in working in Bangalore or any other city in India... but I have no idea where to start this project!! I speak english and spanish. Here, in Spain, I work as interpreter and translator and I work as proofreader. I also teach english (kids 7-18 years old). I studied journalism and Humanities.

Any ideas or help??
Thanks soooooooooo much!!

Hello Nuria!

I can suggest you to post an advert in the jobs section of Bangalore classifieds. It might help you. I hope also that other members can give you some tips ;)


Hi Nuria

I am in similar position - living in London but trying to relocate to India. I will keep you posted if I know hhow to do it cos so far I have no clue

good luck


Hi Nuria ,

Are u looking to migrate to Bangalore to work on a permanent basis or u r just looking for a short term project in India.Well there r lot of
requirements for Spanish translators here and u will paid really good ,as there is a shotage of such kind of resource.Can u email ur resume
to [email protected] so that I can put accross to consultant's here.Also mentioned when u r palnning to come to India.

Till then take care....Bye...


Hi everyone! First of all, thanks for your replies!! I feel a little bit less alone now in this project!!

I would like to make my life in India, not for a short time or a few months but years. ThatŽs why I would like to work there. I would like to find a job, work, and live in India. I thought about Bangalore, but I wouldnŽt care to live in another city.

On other hand, about working, here in Spain I work as traslator and interpreter and proofreader, but I wouldnŽt care about working in whatever! I could teach spanish (I love to teach), I studied journalism, and I worked here in Spain as journalist, so I could try to do something like this in India; I studied Humanities as well, so I love art, history, literature... IŽm able to work in many things, but I donŽt know how to achive it.

I donŽt know either if would be possible or easy to get a job in India, where to look for it... ThatŽs why ideas are more than welcome!


Hi Nuria

I am from the tourism field. There is a need for translators, guides etc who speak spanuish.

Good place to start is
I N S T I T U T O   H I S P A N I A           
Director General:Ms. Laura Benito
Delhi D-59 Hauz Khas, Main Market New Delhi 110016
Telephone:91-11-2696 8016, 91-11-2696 9043, 91- 987 1308 911

They also have branches all over India



Hi Nuria
We may have an opportunity for you in 2 areas, one is HR management and the second is sales, both of them in the IT sector, however I would like to know whether you have a working visa? If yes, then we could offer you employment.

We are Bangalore based.

Write to me at [email protected] and if possible send me your resume.

B Singh.

blr3107 > please post in the classifieds

Thx Julien for the suggestion, I shall do that, I am just setting up my site, once i have that will have the company address and email id and not yahoo :) secondly as most expats dont have working visa (unless they come here for a specific company) I didnt want to post that, but i guess there is no harm.

B Singh