Mechanical Engineering Job Opportunity in Bangalore


I have a job offer in Bangalore and probably moving end of June. However I have a lot of doubts in mind. I want to bring my husband with me. He's a mechanical engineer and has 8yrs solid experience. Is there a chance for him to land a job in Bangalore? Or he has a good chance to find a job in New Delhi not in Bangalore. Need your thoughts pls!

Thank you all!

There are quite a few companies like ABB and all who hire Mech. Engineers. But don't you think a better idea would be to upload the resumé in job portals like Naukri and Monster? With 8 years of experience he is bound to get a lotta calls.

Hi, thanks so much for your reply. I will tell my friend to follow your advice. It's a great help. There is a Shell and GE company in Bangalore right?

strawberry1010 wrote:

There is a Shell and GE company in Bangalore right?

Lot more than that !!


I'm a mechanical student engineer and i'm looking for a three month internship in Bangalore for summer 2014.
I think this topic is appropriate to post my request as you all seem concerned by this profil!

Is there anyone who can give my a little help here?

My profil description :
I come from Paris, France, but I'm currently studying Engineering in Lille, France at HEI Lille. My major is Mecanics but I'm definitely passionate by Electronics and Embarked Systems. I've been to India once last summer (2013) for a full month backpack trip. On the way back home I pledge to myself that I would return in India as soon as possible. Why not working there? This country appears to me very dynamic, colorful and full of life. I want to go back there to discover the real Indian way of life, but not as a tourist anymore.

Thank you for your help.

Hi IlanErlich

Please note that the best section for your request is here :  Internships in Bangalore section. So i advise you to post your CV there please. :)

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     My name is Ayush Bagla. I run an engineering company dealing with Additive Manufacturing from Bangalore. My assistant is a lad who has been in Lille for the last year and i personally was in UK. If your looking for an internship in printing technologies in central Bangalore drop me a line.

Ayush Bagla