Looking for a job/internship in Bangalore :)

Hello everybody !

I am a French student in 3rd year of Bachelor International Trade and Management, specility of Strategic Marketing and Logistic/ Supply Chain Management.

Fiancé to an Indian (héhéhé ;) )and I am trying to get a job/ internship in Bangalore for next year (last year of degree).

I am looking for any post with responsabilities in an Import-Export sector (Assistant of Import-Export).
OR a job in Project Management, Marketing Strategies in Bangalore from March 2013 to September 2013 (6 months). I speak French, English and Spanish fluently and I have basis in Chinese and Kannada.
Already have experiences in those domains (2 years experiences)

If someone got any idea, advices, contacts, I will be really thankful! Between expats we have to stick together!

Thank you ! :)


Hello Camille and welcome to Expat.com!

I invite you to post an advert in the section Jobs in Bangalore, it may help.;)

Good Luck,

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Hi Camille.....Bonjour
Myself Syed Wasim from Expat.com and I am working with Deutsche Bank Legal and compliance department.I am reffering to your post about you looking for a job in Import-Export sector/Project Management/Marketing Strategies.
Well I looked at your profile and it seems to be promising we have few vacancies in our related firms.But I would be needing your most updated resume so that I see that in detail and advise accordingly.Please advise when you will be available for an interview once we shortlist your resume.
Email me on my companies email ID : [email protected]

Kind Regards,
Syed Wasim

Hi camili nice to c ur post and am happy that u knw mny languages if ur int u can get vry gd job for urself in Import-Export sector OR a job in Project Management, Marketing Strategies in Bangalore Pls feel free to communicate.Bye take care.

post job section...

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one company wanted who knows french.contact me on [email protected] will give the details.