Jobs for non-indian language speakers

Hey All,

I'm a Psychology major getting ready to move to Bangalore.  I would like to study some more, maybe work part time.  Is it possible to work in Bangalore w/o speaking the local language? What type of jobs would one expect?

Also does any one know any good schools in Bangalore to do a master or phd in Psychology?  How is the field like there? 

i love this website !!!

Hi Salona!

Bangalore is one of the best cities in India. You will find a cosmopolitan crowd around you. You can manage pretty well with English, but of course life will be easy if you can pick up a few local words.

coming to job opportunities, there are plenty. This is why Bangalore is cosmopolitan, as people from different parts of India as well as other countries come to this city. You can find jobs in IT/ITES/BPO. you can also find teaching jobs. So it depends upon you. Bangalore has some couple of best institutes like IISC, TIFR, NIMHANS. May be you can try for NIMHANS, it will match with your domain.

Hope the information helps! Let me know if you have some more queries.

Hi Chayanika (wonderful name),

Thanks for reply...  great leads you've given me, will be sure to check them out...  and your vote of confidence helps a lot too :-)  thanks!


You're welcome!


I've been doing a lot of research these past few days thanks to your tips.  I looked at NIMHANS...  the website was very obscure about the information but after a lot of searching I found out that they do offer some very nice courses in Psychology. 
Just 15 seats...  now the fun begins.  My worst nightmare was to compete against Indians, you guys are so smart...  i'm gonna be dead :-)

Thanks again :-)

Hello Salona,

I'm also considering a move to India, Bangalore specifically, but not exclusively. I have three Associates degrees but not my Bachelor's and I don't speak Hindi, like most Americans. I'm sure it would be awesome to learn. I have no idea the best and safest way to go about researching and securing a job that I'm most suited for in India. I imagine teaching American English accent neutralization and culture for those wishing to stand out in the interview process of BPO jobs outsourced to the United States. It just seems so exciting. I'm watching this thread with interest to see what points I might pick up.

Best of luck,

Hi Patrick,

Nice to meet you.  Glad to hear you are also considering bangalore.  What is your motivation? have you visited India before?

Hi Salona,

I wish it didn't sound so crass but I'm motivated by the desire to find and keep work. I'm a telephone and internet chat customer service representative in the health insurance industry. I'm good at what I do but these types of jobs are being outsourced to India at a steady rate and the health insurance industry is getting a pretty bad beating by the administration and the press and I'm getting a little tired of being called a heartless criminal.

So, I see the direction the wind is blowing and think I might be able to go with the flow instead of fight upstream, if you will.

I was in the US Navy for six years and traveled extensively and lived in the Philippines for about seven months with my grandfather (who married a wonderful Phillipina) when I was younger. I love to travel, keep an open and flexible attitude and have a lot of patience. I've never been to India but the culture and history have always fascinated me.

I'm not sure there is a job I would be well suited for that would make the move practical - but I tend to have rather good luck (if you believe in luck) and all the wonderful adventures I've had started as ideas like this that made that light bulb switch on in my head.

The recent release of Slum Dog Millionaire and other videos related to life and work in India also helped. I hate to base my idea of how things are on movies and such, but until I actually visit, that's all I have to go on.

Wow, a Psychology major? That's such an awesome field. I'd think India would provide some extremely stimulating examples to study. Again, I'm simply fascinated by the people and culture.

Gosh! Look at this - you have me blabbing on and on.

Thank you again for this topic/thread.

Hi Patick,

Thanks for 'blabbing', thats what this wonderful site is here for - where else would ppl be interested in these topics?

I think its very remarkable that you are willing to jump into this experience, I absolutely am impressed.  Lately people seem to be sooo afraid of change and the un-known (me included), or maybe it was always that way...  human beings are creators of habit.  How exciting and thrilling for you to throw caution and go with it - good for you!!

And I dont think its odd for you to draw inspiration from movies or the media.  I myself being indian and not having been there get a lot of my images from movies, books, talking with people....  its the next best thing to being there i suppose :-)

we got to keep in touch if our anticipated moves come to be :-)

may be u can try NIMHANS in Bangalore a world famous neuro center in Bangalore.