Job offer in Bangalore - What is an acceptable salary?

Hi everyone,

I am new to this forum and I thought that it would be best to post an article as I don't seem to find recent posts on the topic.

I have just been offered a job in Bangalore within the food industry sector - research and development. I have 5 years of experience in Europe (mainly in the UK) as a food scientist.
I am considering strongly the offer but before I do so, I would really appreciate different points of view (Indians, expats) on the amount: I have been communicated a monthly wage of 1.05 lakhs pre-tax.

I would like to know how would this fit with the life in Bangalore? Would I have a confortable situation?

I am before hand looking for a human experience as well as a challenging professional experience. I am not expecting to live on the same standards as I am today - hence I have always agreed to be on a local contract.

I just want to make sure that I am not going to accept a very low offer considering my experience. This is where I would like your thoughts on.

If I do accept, I should be active very soon on this blog as I al sure I will need more help,

Thanks all,

You should settle for a salary of 1.05 lakh post-tax as tax slab for that salary is 30%. You can negotiate with your employer.
What other benefits do you got?
Je parle français et je suis un expatrié habitant à Bangalore.
N'hésites pas de me contacter si tu auras besoin d'aucune aide.

Take care.

Hi Nash,

Thanks for replying. I will send you a PM so you can give more info.


Hi Claire
With my experience of 14 years in IT field , i say 1.05 is good offer,
Definetly you can have comfortable life
are you bachelor ?


Hi Claire

Anything above Rs1Lakh per month in India is considered a "good" salary, it is in fact the salary I started with when getting my first job in India in 2010. However it is correct you will have to pay at least 30% of that in tax on your own, your employer does not remit it, so I would try and negotiate a salary after tax. Or perhaps you could negotiate paid accommodations?

You should also find out about other benefits, paid vacation, etc.

For example, my first contract I was provided a car and driver (or a stipend in lieu), 30 days paid vacation, an assistant, cost of my visa, financial help with moving my belongings and assistance with the deposit on my apartment (which was 10 months advance in Chennai) on my apartment and medical insurance.

Hope this helps and good luck, Bangalore is a great city!


Comment vas tu
Moi je suis marocaine  et j'habite a Bangalore

I'm Jagadish I'm living in Bangalore for more than a.decade you can contact me for more info



That's no good. You will be comfortable for sure, but you won't be able to save or do much else.

Are these still updated? How much is the acceptable salary for a single woman working in Bangalore, India?

It's not an easy answer. Do you intend to save a lot? Send money back home? Pay off student loans? etc. To live comfortably in a good house, socialize over the weekends, etc anything north of 100k post tax is good. To an average Indian, this could even be considered a high salary. Depends on your needs (lifestyle and financial obligations). If you want to privately tell me your offer and the area your office is in, assuming you'd live near by that area, I can suggest a number IF you are still in the negotiation stage.

This is very informative. Thank you. 😊