hi, guys ... I am from Mongolia and soon shifting to Bangalore....Looking for a job of course ;) i am a lawyer, but i guess i am useless here as a lawyer, as completed my graduation in Russia and dont know anything in Indian law, except that a Corruption is main player over here )))) stayed for few year in New Delhi. Know little hindi, but perfect in Russian, Mongolian and English. As of now working in investment-banking company which engaged in research analyses and becoming experienced in creating pitchbooks and investor's presentations. :D I really like this job, but trust me before this i was enjoying ma life really at 100%, i was teaching people Russian language, as also i have second Diploma, which allows me to teach Russian language to foreigners...Well, i guess its too much for one message...waiting for opportunities, nice people and a lot n lot of FUN! Thanks n Cheers! ;)

Hi Christine.... i am Aditya ..i hope u get to learn about indian law soon...my best wishes for that...wish u have a pleasent stay here in bangalore...

Hi Aditya ;) Thanks a lot for ur nice wishes, hope u doing cool :)

Hi christine,

wishing you all the best for your stay in bangalore and you can write to me or call if i can be off some help...


I don't know if you have thought about it or would even consider it but your experience of investment banking, multiple languages and law is potentially very useful to any investment bank. I am sure if you had a look, there would be banks willing to hire someone like you in India. And as you must already know, banks pay really well :)

Hi Christine,

Welcome soon to bangalore.

Very interesting profile you got lawyer, mongolian, russian language, investment banker, teacher, presentations and still fun loving person :)

I might be able to offer you part-time russian teacher job since I want to learn russian language since I hire lots of russian models and dancers for work in India and may be you never know if you are good in presentations and marketing you might get a part-time job in show business also with me...

Check my profile here for more info about me and our business in fashion, movies, events n entertainment etc


Hi Rahul. :) Thanks for nice wishes. will definitely take this chance to take help from u, when i ll be in bangalore. ;)

Hi Gaurav, thanks for a advice. I've heard that B'lore is kinda Mekka for a language specialists. But thing is that i dont want to limit myself with only this kind of job. Investment banking is also pretty interesting profile, of course if working hours are not stretched till late night )))) anyways, thanks a lot.

At the end, hopefully to get smth interesting and not pretty hard...competing with Indians is hard job. :D

Hi Sebastin, hope u doin well. ;)

Thanks for great offers!

Actually all replies to my message are so encouraging that im kinda confident now...:D Thank u all!

Sebastin, could u tell abt ur business lil more...what exactly u do and why do u need russian language?

Hi Christine,

Thanks for asking, I am doing good ;) n hope u too there :)

You are welcome :)

My occupation: Founder & CEO of RSA Entertainment and RSA Models Agency, India's Leading International and Indian Artiste-Model-Celebrity-Talent Management firm HQ based in Bangalore.

I hire russian models and dancers for our events n shows so I interact with russians a lot but some speak english and some speak only russian so I have to learn the russian language though.


Hi Sebastin, thats really coool. If we ll manage our timing n all other stuff, i guess i can teach u russian, and if u already working with russians, i think it ll not be difficult for u to pick it up. ;)

Hi Christine, just found from expact blog, thought to share
I am not from bangalore  but near by a beautiful state kerala, and i live at the center part  of kerala - cochin city.
It is true , there are many job opportunities in Bangalore , more connected with IT, Call centers , banking etc, try your best, definitely you will fine the suitable one .

Here In kerala , more related with tourism, now more russians are visitng kerala, also few travel agents/ rusiisan tour operators, who settled here started " operating  tours around kerala.

as god's own country, the back waters , beaches , wild life etc there are many things to see through, if you are visiting here , you are welcome, i can help you the best from my side
keep in touch Email:[email protected]


Hi Keralatouch,

u didnt write ur name, sorry!

WOuld like to say that i've already been in Kerala and liked it a lot! its truly wonderful place and u r rite, its God's own country.

Cheers! ;)

hi christine yes its coool ;) defn we will figure it out how to manage time when u r here in bangalore n may b we meet free time or holiday etc n i u can teach me russian language though... yes i m already working with russians n defn it will b easy to practise with them n pick up d language after learning it frm u :) cu later

Happy to hear , you visited kerala, still keeping good memories.

wish you a good time

keep in touch
regards binu

Hi guys, hope u all doing well. in past 7-10 days got few phone calls abt russian classes in bangalore. lets see will i have same success, when will finally arrive to blore.
I have a one question, i ll be staying in b'lore in area which is near to IIM. not sure abt how good is that place, but if any1 knows and can help, is this center of the town or anything abt that location (access to schools, malls, offices etc).
Ones again, thanks to all. :)

Greetings of the Day! :D so finally i am here...in Bangalore....amazing place, amazing people, awesome food, horrible traffic ))))) now seriously started looking for a job. Feel free to send me your offerings.

As of now i m not into giving Russian classes as looking for a full time job.

Staying in Bennarghatta Road (hope spelling is correct).

Cheers ;)

hi christine

welcome to namma bengaluru.... nasmakaram bengaluru :)

i can offer you full-time job in marketing, let's meet n talk...
check your inbox message...


Hi Sebastin, thanks for the greetings! :) So where do u work and what kind of marketing job u have? can u just send me the link of your company?! :D

Hi Christine my post here will be moderated since it is part oj job offer and not to discuss here in forum...

so check ur inbox message then :)


Hey Christie,

Welcome to Bangalore.. I am staying near IIM on Bannergatta road :).

Good luck in getting a new job.
I can also help you in finding you a job.


  saw your message,you can revert back to me on my e-mail [email protected].
iam my self leart russian but want to advance further.

  saw your message,you can revert back to me on my e-mail [email protected].
iam my self leart russian but want to advance further.
secondly want to know what you are you doing now as i know some other expats who can help you in finding a job.

i don't think so if you have received my previous mail,i have few expat friends who i am sure will help you to get a job and secondly i also want to improve upon my russian.all the best.

Hi Christine,
Welcome to Bangalore/Bengaluru. Can you let us know more if yo have any specific preferences? Also, if you can let us know any of your transferable skills (apart from teaching Russian :)), that would be great.

- Cheers,

Hi! I am at Bangalore too and would like to learn Russian! Can you help me please? Shanker.

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