New members of the Germany forum, introduce yourselves here - 2019

Hi all,

Newbie on the Germany forum? Don't know how to start?

This thread is for you ;)

We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country,
or to tell us more on your expat projects in Germany if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

Welcome on board!

Hi all!Im Martina and I'm getting some tips and gathering infos here while I am currently waiting for my other requirements from Ph gov offices that was requested by the Standesamt in Balve.

I arrived in Germany in April 2018 to start studying at the University of Bremen. I live in Bremerhaven, and I have a mini job now.
I am an artist, pianist, and singer. I can teach and also perform music.

Good day..!!
This is Riaz Tagar from Jeddah Saudi Arabia. I have been here since January 2016 and working as an Admin Assistant with customs broker logistics Company in Jeddah.

My purpose is to join your forum because I am planning to move to Germany, so I need guidance regarding it.

Hi!  New here.  Currently only thinking about moving to Germany.  Have relatives in Europe.  How hard is it to get a Visa and find a Job if you're an American?

Hi all,
I'm currently living in Munich here for a temporary job, but was offered a full time position.  I'm getting all the information together to move here from California and am looking to meet others in the same expat community. :)

Will be moving to Munich! Touching down on Feb 24. Should I save on rent so I can buy a car or should I get a nicer Wohnung and not get a car? Decisions, decisions...

Im about to move in Frankfurt, Im interested to know how much does it cost to take masters degree on English Linguistics ? and also im interested to gather work and study. how is that possible

jetonjeton :

Im about to move in Frankfurt, Im interested to know how much does it cost to take masters degree on English Linguistics ? and also im interested to gather work and study. how is that possible

Since you are non-EU-citizen accpording to your profile, you'll need a visa to live in Germany. Are you planning to come on a work visa or a student visa?
Getting a work visa requires you to (in most cases) have a job offer first. Thus you should start by applying for jobs.
Getting a student visa means getting university access first. It should be a full-time course and then, besides studying, you are only allowed to work a limited number of hours per week - not enough to earn your fuill living expenses.
Other than the living costs (which are high), there are only small fees for the university. More information is on

Hi all!

I'm planning to move to Kassel this year in May. I want to study in the University of Kassel but i dont speak any german so im hoping to come early and learn fast.

I would love to make expat friends for when im there!

hallo alles
i m Chaimaa  i m planning to head to germany which city is the best ? (i m muslim with headscarf dentist ) and very used to beautiful warm weather :)

Hi Chaimaa, welcome to the forum!
As there are already many scarfed muslimas in Germany, your looks will not cause much attention (although not everyone will be comfortable with it).
Finding a dentist willing to employ you might be more of a challenge, especially in the less cosmopolitan Eastern states ( minus Berlin, which at some point was the third biggest Turkish city after Istanbul and Ankara).
But the biggest challengecould be the German weather, which only penguins and polar bears consider warm ...

hhhhhhhhh peguins ok thank you

Hi everyone! I'm Paulina, I come from Mexico but I also have Spanish nationality. I'd been living in Berlin for a year and a half and just recently moved to Lübbecke in NRW. It's been a big change for me and I'm trying to look for a new job in the area. My German is a work in progress (in theory, B2 level). I have a bachelor degree in International Relations, a MA in Sociology and very soon I'll also be a certified yoga instructor. I speak Spanish, English and Portuguese fluently.

Any recommendations on which websites or platforms to look for jobs? Any suggestion is very welcome! I'm open to commuting to bigger cities nearby :)

Greetings! I'm Jenn from the US. My hubby is German so after we married, I decided to move here with two of my kiddos. We're living in southern Germany near Lake Konstanz. I love it so far and now that I've got the guys settled in schools, I'm looking into language schools for myself. Any advice would be appreciated! I'm starting my job hunt and need to start getting fluent...  :)

chamcham123 :

hallo alles
i m Chaimaa  i m planning to head to germany which city is the best ? (i m muslim with headscarf dentist ) and very used to beautiful warm weather :)

Hi Chaimaa! Are you in Freiburg or still considering cities? Hubby is from Freiburg and they do have some pretty nice weather from what I've seen so far. Konstanz might be a place to look. It's on that gorgeous lake and the weather is great I think!

However, this snow... haha... A polar bear I am not. More of a beach girl myself but I'm getting used to it! Come on spring!!  :D

Hallo, names Adrian from Jamaica, living in stuttgart as a student and playing Fußball. Looking to meet some new people who are outgoing and enjoy going out, and possibly teach me german. Lol


My name is Dave.

I've accepted a job in Stuttgart and I expect to relocate around May 2019.

I speak no German however, I lived in Amberg & Idar Oberstein the early and late 1990s.

Seeking any advice on finding a rental studio or 1 bed room apartment in the Stuttgart-Sud area.

Hi Dave,

Welcome to Stuttgart!
The rental market here is very difficult for tenants, so be prepared for a long and sometimes frustrating search (which you can only start after arrival, so you need temporary accommodation for the initial weeks or months!). If you want a place quickly, be flexible on your requirements regarding price (minimum €600/month for a 1-roomer), location (chances are better outside of the city) and amenities (furnished places are very rare and expensive here).
Good luck - and if you still have questions, please feel free to post them here.

Thanks, I appreciate the information!

Hello dear ones, I am new to Germany. Been living in Tegernsee Germany, the beautiful Bavarian Alps. I am also a world traveling sailor. Just returned from sailing from Cadiz Spain, to Casablanca Morocco, & then on to the Canary Islands... I plan to co-write a book this year with a renowned author in the maritime sector ... Feel free to follow the traveling excursions on Instagram or FB. Would love to connect with you.

I started sailing in 2016, & haven't looked back. I have over 7000 nautical miles so far, & hope to continue .. Upcoming this Fall, I will do my first Atlantic crossing as well.

Danke vielmals,


Hi Amy!

How do I find you on IG? My hubby started sailing last year here on Lake Schluchsee. He absolutely loves it! Now that I’m here, I’m hoping to start learning as well! We’d love to follow your adventures!! I see you’ve spent some time in Majorca. That’s one of the places I’m dying to hit. Some of his family goes there for holiday. It looks absolutely beautiful!


Hi Jen, Thanks so much! Yes you can follow me here. Hopefully allows URL's.. Would love to connect with you .. Thanks for your note.  :)

Hello everyone, I have just joined today. I,m English and once Brexit(ugh!) has been sorted out, I will hopefully be moving to Germany, my chosen area is Hesse.
Have I chosen wisely?
Best Wishes to you all
Christian's mum.

It looks like doesnt allow URLs in the posts. My instagram is Amy_Thome_


Hello everyone am Kayondo Syrus from Uganda. And also planning to come to German to work. Currently I have no job yeah

Great!! I'll look you up!  :D

amythome0714 :

It looks like doesnt allow URLs in the posts. My instagram is Amy_Thome_


Wrong, the site does allow links but for safety and privacy issues restricts sharing personal data including telephone numbers, email, instagram etc. Such information is only to be given over PM to individuals and not on open forums. You should delete the above instagram address…

Kayondo syrus :

Hello everyone am Kayondo Syrus from Uganda. And also planning to come to German to work. Currently I have no job yeah

Welcome to the site. You should look through the posts and see the many threads about requirements for getting a work visa before you get your hopes up too high. For exact information look at the German immigration website which is in multiple languages including English. Non-EU citizens have to offer needed skills that are in short supply like IT, advanced engineering, nursing and some fields of advanced academics. One doesn’t get a visa to do manual or unskilled labor, no matter how hard they are willing to work.

Thanks friend. I will be greatful


Hi! My name is Carla and I'm from Spain. I will start living in Dresden this September, for doing my phD and working as a researcher! I don't know where I will live and I don't know anyone from Dresden! Nice to meet you all

Hello how are you?

Kayondo syrus :

Hello how are you?

Welcome to the forum!
Why don't you make the first step and introduce yourself here?

Hello from Porcupine Ontario Canada.
my name is Jake. I am an electrician by profession. I also hold both Canadian and German Citizenship. I lived in Castrop_Rauxel as a kid and have been to Germany many times. My language skills in German are fairly good and I have no problems getting around or being understood. I even had my Canadian Electrical Licence recognized through  the Anerkennung people in Germany. I had entertained the idea of moving back to Germany to finish my working career in my home land. However, even after all my effort via registration with various jobs banks, and personal support workers, I was unable to land a job. I attribute this directly to my age. Germany is not very keen on hiring older workers.

You are right, above 50 years of age it is difficult (but not impossible) to find work.
On the other hand, the construction industry faces a shortage of manpower in many fields (and employs many foreigners who are not good at speaking German).
Did you personally introduce yourself to some of the (probably many and small) electrician companies in your area? (You must be in Germany to get a job with such small and usually conservative employers!)
Also, lower your salary expectations to below the German average, at least for the first job, to get a foot in the door. (Remark: The legal minimum wage of €9/hour, although not universally enforced, could be a benchmark.)

Am Kayondo Syrus from Uganda and am currently in uganda but am soon to go to German to work there. Thanks

Hello Everyone,

I have lived in Germany for almost two years, in which time I have gone from working as an male Au pair to learn the language from scratch, to full time employment and now I am looking at options to continue to stay in Germany whether it be Studying my masters, working as a freelancer or getting the "unachievable" working visa!

I have a Bachelor as a Sports Therapist / Exercise Physiologist and an "Ausbildung" as a Fitness Trainer.

I work full time and have a visa valid until November 2019.

I am a very open and friendly guy, who moved to Germany to follow love and I have a very successful love story to go alongside my expat experience until now!

I was hoping to talk with anyone who works in the Sport/Health field in Germany and has achieved a Working Visa or Freelance Visa to stay here, as currently this is an issue for me.

Hi Micah,
Welcome to the forum and good luck with your quest.
In case you don‘t know yet: Marrying a German helps greatly in visa and work permit matters!


I have just joined the forum as I need help with finding a 1 bedroom apartment for rent at Flugfeld Boblingen or around that area as I am moving to Germany next month for my son's education.

Would anyone have any contacts as I have visited couple of websites and sent emails but got no response.

Thank you

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