After Much Thought and Research

Greetings All, After much consideration I have made the decision to make the move in about a year. I have  been visiting the island for the last 4 years and decided this is somewhere I can live.
I speak a little Spanish and understand a little. I plan to take Spanish emerison classes before making the move full time. My plan is to start to spend 3 to 4 months at a time before making the final move.
I have visited the north coast, east coast, and the southern coast. I have pretty much settled on Juan Dolio in San Pedro De Macorís as the place I would like to live. Does anyone have any information about this area? I would like to start a business there because I like its proximity to Santo Domingo. Any insight good or bad is greatly appreciated.

Welcome to the forums.  I know Juan Dolio reasonably well.  I live and work in Santo Domingo which is not far away. 

What do you need to know honey?

Good morning, Just your thoughts on the general area. I have a opportunity to buy a business there. I have researched quite a bit but there is nothing like first hand information. Thanks

I am going to private message you honey.

Hello, I live in San Pedro wich is like 20 min far from juan Dolio,  its has good location, is close to San Pedro where you can come easily to buy the groceries of the month, and is also close to Santo Domingo and to the airport.   

Juan Dolio can be boring for some people, is not like used to be before,  if you want a quiet place then willbe fine for you.  Not sure about how long have you stayed in the area but I sugest you stay for 1 or 2 months so you can take your time to check how are things arround there before to decide to buy or make any business.

Juan Dolio has more life during the weekends, in weekdays things are more slow specially when is not winter.

Welcome Riva. I know you know a great deal about your part of DR, your home, and travel to DR. I do hope you share more of your local knowledge.  You will be a great addition to help expats thinking of relocating to DR especially South Coast.

The best recomendation I can give, is never buy from the begining, and try to stay a longer time where you want to relocate to explore with not rush.   Going on Vacations is always nice to any place and living is totally diferent.

Riva31 thank you for your reply! I have stayed in the area for 15 days at a time. I will definitely be looking forward to 1-2 months to gather more local knowledge.

15 days is like vacations,  so next time try to stay longer time in order to check arround.

Riva welcome to the forums!! Thanks for sharing your knowledge!

Most of us suggest tenting before buying!  Great adbice!

Yes, its the best to do, because untill you move and start to see how works everything in your area you will be stuck if you buy and will be harder to relocate in another area,  you will have always pro and cont,  this way you will have flexibility to make up you mind untill you are 1000% sure that you get the perfect spot according to your needs.

All absolutely true. I once moved into a place that was NOTHING like what I thought and what I was told.  Was a huge learning experience for me and happened early on in my life here.  I moved  30 days later!

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