I want go back my country

Hi, good morning
Hope everything is going your good. Now I want a answer of my problems now I'm in baharain on visit visa from 20 June 2018 . Now I want go back my country  and yesterday already have my ticket lost because I was go to emmigraton for pay my fine but he told you go to number 3 office and so my time is west so my ticket also west. If I go today or tomorrow with my new ticket and fine then he can send me jail.. ?
No. 2--- if I want to pay my fine so can I purchase my ticket after pay fine.
No. 3--- if need tickets with fine so how much need time on this tickets I mean same day, after one day or two days.  No.  4 ---- if I have today my ticket so can I pay my fine in the airport Please help me I am in dipresan. I'm waiting for your positive reply .

1) You need to go to immigration and pay the fine.  That part is simple.   I am not sure when your visit visa expired but I wouldn't worry about arrest.  Just go and clear the fine
2) Suggest to get ticket after the fine if you are worried about losing it
3) Find out from immigration how many days they have given to you to leave but a day or two should be ok

Now can I go with ticket. Now I bring tickets on date of two day's. They can accept

Don't understand what you said.  Your English is not clear.

I want bring tickets today and it's will be on 10 January  and today is 08 January  . And then I want go in emmigraton and pay my fine . so it's a OK or not.  If they say for arrest so I will go for two day.

But then what will happen to my bags? Can I go with my bags together?

I have already replied to all of this.  Read carefully what I wrote.  You keep asking the same question again and again even though it has been answered.

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