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Can anyone please give or share me advices regarding my status in Bahrain. My old employer filed an “absent from work” against me to LMRA and just recently it has been cleared out and settled- removing the status in the Expat Portal. However, the next problem is that because of that status it is also reflected in the Immigration System- and stated that I still have the same status- “absent from work” or can be called as “runaway” and in order for it to be cleared and not be banned from the Kingdom or maybe GCC countries it is either I need to have a new sponsor or voluntarily exit the country- I have decided to choose the latter. I have already given my statement or letter to the Immigration Police Section and would have to wait for a day or two.
My worries is that as soon as the Immigration will approve and clear my status- would it be better and for my assurance to file a request for a Police Clearance or Good Conduct Certificate? Since I won’t have a sole proof that I don’t have any bad record in the Kingdom.
Will the record be eradicated and would show that I have a clean slate as soon as I leave the country? Or will it not?
Cause I might come back in the Kingdom after a year and it would be so unfortunate if because of this status I might have a hard time traveling here and there.
Please let me know your thoughts. It’d be much appreciated.
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I think I mentioned this on your other thread.  The status will be cleared from both LMRA and Immigration and then if you are overstaying, you either pay a fine or get it waived by showing the dispute evidence which was settled in your favor.

The biggest evidence that the status is cleared in immigration is that you will be allowed to exit.

You can get a police clearance but remember that police clearance and labor issues are separate things.   You can have labor disputes or bans which won't show up in police clearance which is impacted by things like criminal cases and / or execution court orders.

No fines will be paid (as per Immigration) but I’m trying to make sure if no fines are actually issued. My working visa is not yet expired, my CPR is still valid- but it is stated in the Expat Portal that my employment visa is no longer valid.

The Immigration told me I can exit the country any time I can but the downside is that I’ll be banned and blocked in the Kingdom and if I’ll come back some time in the future- I’ll end up in jail.

Once everything is cleared, will it still appear in the record that I had some labor issues? Or is there any way that I can get a hard copy that I am cleared and have nothing against the country anymore?

Expiry on the sticker doesn't matter - it is what is in the system that counts.  Your working visa is NOT valid as it has been cancelled by your employer.  So you COULD potentially be overstaying beyond visa cancellation - if 30 days have passed since then.

And I think the statement is incorrect - they will NEVER allow you leave if you could be subject to arrest later; they will just detain you now.....why wait till you return.   The ban part is correct but that has nothing to do with immigration but with LMRA.  I think the officer just said it because he has no way of knowing if the labor dispute has been resolved or not....as he is still seeing it in immigration system.   So he probably thinks that you will leave now and never come back - which does mean ban.

You need to get confirmation from immigration that the record has been cleared and then leave.  I doubt that you will get any paper.

The only confirmation that I can think of could be from LMRA showing when the absconding record was cleared.

Oh okay. I see. The only way I will know if I have penalties is when I leave the country? Or I can directly ask in the Immigration Office?

They didn’t detain me or anything for that matter. And told me to settle the matter first before exiting. I followed their orders of making a request letter to remove the status in their system and that I’ll be leaving the country.

As soon as the absconding record was cleared from the LMRA, the LMRA gave me a call and had told me that they sent an email to the Immigration about my cleared status. And I should go with my new employer for me to have a new visa, but then I don’t have any and would rather go home.
Should I go to LMRA and ask when the status was cleared? But then hard copy won’t be given 😰

If in anyway after the confirmation from the Immigration and as soon as that happened, I left the country.. and within those timeframe I was able to find a new sponsor, it won’t be a problem if they will apply a working visa for me even if I have exited the country? There won’t be a problem for the application?

Ask in immigration for penalties.  Also, if the status is cleared in immigration system, you won't have problems later.

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Hi! Just a little help please. I would like to know where is the office of Immigration or which is the telephone number I can call?  Your response will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

NPRA office is on exhibition road.  Go there early as parking is a big problem.

Thank you Xtang for the response..

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