Cho Ray Hospital room charges..

Hi, can anyone tell me what are the room charges like at the Cho Ray Hospitals? The City Intl Hospital ? Also the Columbia Intl Hospital for comparison purposes..
Many thanks.

-Chao Ray hospital only -
Charges are very different, depending on where (inside alone about 5 or more categories) + extra charges like 'personal doctor' ,nurses .....
PERSONAL: always the same, not each time a different ..... which take care of everything, you have booked or requested.
About 7 years ago they where in best cat about 7 million a nigh + costs of OPs ... but covered: private room (penthouse wing) with 1 guest bed, 4 checkups by 'private' doctor and nurse visits + permanent monitoring, foods/meals, loundry, TV, mini bar, private WC cubicle, WiFi and balcony and some items in mini bar, 2 relax chairs and a coffee table, but more seatings avail on request.

Nurses work like a room service, so they take care of your requests.
All about working, just quite old fashioned with marks of heavy usage but clean and functional.

Smoking was official not allowed, but ignored, if you did on the balcony out of sight.
This might have likely changed a bit upwards, all items are listed seperate, including pills and drop water, meals ...
Some is post paid- some is pre-paid, some on delivery

The lowest ones, I assume, you better bypass, as that seems to be like shared bed in rooms with maybe 30-50 people. I have no idea about that prices in this level, but it might be a lot less

I know, there alos options like 2/3 bed rooms and others, also in the private wings, again, no clue either

Do you have the government Vietnamese Medical Insurance ?
If yes, costs will be at a vietnamese low level.

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