Markets for handicrafters in Catalunya

Hello everyone  :  ) I was wondering if anyone could recommend some small markets in Catalonia where I could sell my handicrafts?
I am travelling through Spain for 6 months and i make crochet clothing. Tops, winter hats, gloves etc. I would like to sell in a market but I think it would be best not to go to the really bigs ones in Barcelona etc as they will be expensive to rent a pitch and i only have a small amount of hand made stock.
Could anyone recommend any vibrant little street markets or similar? Anywhere in Catalunya is possible as I live in my campervan.
Thank you in advance,
Alex  :  )


I'm more often at Arc triompf in Barcelona. There are some people selling home and hand crafted things. They seem to be nice and friendly. I know they have experience with the police around there so you can ask them on that too. As far as i have seen its not an issue but I'm not sure.

regards and good luck,

Many thanks Julien! I may take a walk and check it out x

Forgot to say: They are coming around sunset and stay until the evening. :)

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