Visa for Spain: how to pay fee 052?

I am applying for a Visa for Spain (for my PhD). One of the documents required is the form 790-052, which is available online and also as a PDF sent to me by the General Consulate. I wanted to use the online form just for peace of mind, but I am having some difficulties trying to understand how to fill it in while not residing in Spain.

If from here you select "COMPLETE AND PRINT THE PAYMENT FORM FOR FEE 052", it will ask to select the province where you wish to pay the fee (which is fine since I know it already), but afterwards, in the actual form, I am required to select the Province, the Post Code, the NIE (the passport number is not accepted) and a Spanish phone number. What if I don't have theme already (for obvious reasons)?

As I recall, I paid the initial fee at the consulate when I submitted my visa application. When in doubt, ask the consulate.

Hey, did you ever get clarity on this? I am having the same issue.

I looked at the form I submitted with my visa application and all I had filled in was my name, nationality (E.E.U.U. is the USA). I checked the box for Principal and at the bottom (Declarante) entered the city and state of the consulate and the date. The consulate did all the rest. When you receive your actual visa, your NIE will be on it. It's a number you'll be using a lot while you're here.

You'll see variations of this form again for anything in Spain that requires a fee. Here, you make the payment to the bank and submit a receipted copy with your paperwork. Obviously that isn't possible for a visa since you won't be in the country yet, so the consulate accepted the payment directly from us (in cash, of course). That's the only time in three years I've handed cash directly to a government agency.

Yes, it can be confusing until you learn the system, but don't worry about it. The consulate understands ... or at least they did in San Francisco.

Thank you so much. So is the best steps to just print out what I can fill out rather than "submitting the document" and then bring cash to my appointment?

My visa appointment was merely a time to give them all the forms and pay the fee. There were no questions, no back and forth discussion, nothing even close to what I'd expected of an "interview." We even dressed up a bit; the consulate woman behind the pass-thru window was in jeans!

I told her the date of my plane reservations and the visa was back by then. Every consulate asks for slightly different information, but the rest of the procedure -- and the mindset -- is probably the same all over. I think if you Just hand them everything they've asked for, you should be fine.

I have most of my paperwork finished for my Non-lucrative visa application to retire to Spain but the last thing I need to do is fill out the 790-052 form and pay the $11 tax administrative fee which keeps asking me for a NIF and a NIE number that I don't have, I've spent alot of money to do all the paperwork to have a $11 tax fee impede me from getting the visa when I turn in all my paperwork at the Spanish Consulate when I go to my appointment,   I wonder if they will allow me to pay it there? Help me please because all the paperwork has to be dated within 3 months of each other or else I have to start all over again, thank you so much, Robert

I forgot to mention that iam an American citizen and live in NYC..thank you for your help,Rober

Hi Robert,

You can apply for the NIE number at the Spanish consulate in NYC. … xtranjero+(NIE)

Just download the documents, fill them out, and schedule an appointment.

Good luck!



Hi Robert,

You can apply for the NIE number at the Spanish consulate in NYC. [link under review]

Just download the documents, fill them out, and schedule an appointment.

Good luck!



Thank you so much, you are too there a link to get the document? Sorry to bother you btw

@eric9891 Thank you so much Eric and is there a link where I can get the document? Sorry to bother you but the process is so stressful


Sorry Eric9891,

Did your text go missing ?



Don't sweat it. Your NIE will be on your visa when it is issued. You'll pay the fee at the consulate either when you submit the application or when you pick the visa up (It's been four years now and I can't remember which!) Anyway, the consulate will fill in the NIE on the forms as needed and give you a receipt for the payment.

Yes, Restaurant Doc is giving the best advice. You pay the fee at the consulate, I believe when you submit the paperwork. When we did ours (in Chicago) I googled the form and got a version in both Spanish and English, (though I think the Consulate website had the Spanish version on the checklist, if I remember correctly). Once your visa is issued you will have an NIE, so don't worry about that. There should be info on the Consulate website - you may have to dig around for it. If you need more help just let me know. We did it 4 years ago, and I remember it was tricky because you have to time everything perfectly so nothing "expires" and you have to start over. I am glad to help.

@RestaurantDoc thank you so much because if you only knew how stressed out iam about calmed me down now! 🙏

@Zdravich You are awesome... thank you and all the other expats for your help, ❤🙏

@bnd4ever48 Glad I could help. Dealing with Spanish bureaucracy can be stressful ... and you're not done yet! As soon as you get to Spain and have an address, immediately make an appointment with the city hall (Ayuntamiento) to get your Certificado de Empadronamiento ("Padron") which puts you on the local rolls as a resident. You'll need to bring your passport and a copy of your lease (in Spanish, of course). You'll need a copy of your Padron when you submit your application for Spanish residency, a completely separate process.

IMPORTANT: your shiny new visa only allows you to be legally in Spain for 90 days, by which time you must have at least applied for your initial residency card. It's a similar process to the visa application, but much simpler. Even if you are fluent in Spanish, I strongly suggest you find a local immigration attorney to guide you through it and handle the paperwork. My abrogado in Alicante worked magic and only charged me 150 euros. Talk about a stress reliever!

Also be aware the processes are different for Americans than for Brits. You can get good advice on this site in English but that doesn't automatically mean it applies to you, particularly in the area of immigration. I got myself in trouble when I first arrived because I followed a path that was accurate for a Brit but not for me.

Relax and have fun. It's all an adventure.

@RestaurantDoc Jeesus more stress i was told I could stay upto a year and then renew for two years and after that renew until I have 5 years living there I can become a resident,  because today I got my medical insurance for spain for 1 year, so it might be different for Americans, you are awesome and thank you for your help because its stressful!

Does anybody know how much the realty agents charge for them to find you and apartment in Alicante Spain? And what is a VAT fee?  And do they charge monthly a VAT fee each month after you get your apartment or is it a one time payment?

@bnd4ever48  realty agents I have found charge a months rent for their fee.  You can generally find a place on your own without having to use a realty agent.  Check in idealista for available apartments.  I know of a nice 3/2 furnished apartment with two balconies and a patio, and a parking space in the garage under 500€ but it is in Alzira (Valencia)


Hi, do you mind if I get in touch when my wife and I decide to move / come over for extended stay ? You sound like you have your ear to the ground


That is amazing! I think iam going to look for my own apartment instead of paying a fee, and do you know what a VAT tax fee for the apartment is? I am getting all my paperwork to retire in Alicante and have an appointment this coming Tuesday, thank you so much for responding by the way🙏

I heard that after living in Spain for 183 days you have to pay tax because you are now a resident,  does anybody know how much the tax would be and do you pay monthly or yearly?

@bnd4ever48 if there is a VAT (value added tax) for the apartment it is included in the rent. Normally VAT is on things you purchase or packages you receive.  The mail system is what I don't like about living here.  If someone mails you a gift or you order something from the US, it takes forever to arrive, and the reason is that it goes through customs.  Customs sends you a form in the mail giving you a few days to respond or the package will be returned.  The form expects you to detail what is in the package and the cost of the contents, receipt etc.  if this is something you ordered you can do this easily but they ultimately decide if you can receive the package or not. If you can you have to pay VAT to receive the package. If the package is a gift, how do you know what is in it or the value so filling out the form is impossible and you never receive the package. If you happen to know the gift information, you will have to pay VAT to receive it.  This is all so unnecessary since packages coming in have a customs declaration form on them.

@joemcgunnigle hi, of course I will be happy to help when you come, depending on when.  Currently I am planning to move to Panama in January

Thank you for always being so helpful, I finally turned in all my paperwork last week and hopefully I will get a response from the consulate fast so I can start my new adventure in Spain, I order alot from Amazon here in the NYC do you know of Amazon has deliveries directly from Spain? Thank you for your kindness in responding

You will need to order from when living here since Amazon in US doesn't ship international.  Things you order from Amazon here deliver just like in the US. VAT will be added at time of purchase.

I didn't see if you are using a immigration attorney or not, hopefully you are because it makes the process so much easier for you, they will have gather all necessary paperwork from you and get it approved and they schedule your appointments that are required for you to get your residency card. After my first year here, I attempted to renew my residency card myself, and that was a nightmare to say the least  there are no clear instructions for how to or where to get this done  after getting bounced from one location to another several times I finally managed to submit my application, but nearly two months later I received a letter giving me five days to provide more documentation. I contacted my original immigration attorney and gave him the paperwork I submitted, he resubmitted it with his letter and I got renewed for another two years.

also, will you be driving here? If yes, be sure to get an international drivers license before you come.  It will be valid for one year, but you can only use it for six months if living here. It is a lengthy, expensive process to get a drivers license here.  Buying a car is interesting also, you will have to pay to test drive a vehicle since you will be putting miles on the vehicle, and you have to wait a week or so to be able to pick up the car you bought. 

if you have any questions I am happy to help.

How difficult is it for an American ex-pat to finance a car in Spain?

is that even possible?

@rdruby699 I paid cash for mine, but I get offers from my bank all the time

Hi I am trying to fill out 790 052. However on nationality I am unable to find UK in the list, any one have any ideas please?


Reino Unido? Gran Bretana?

Plus... probably doesn't matter much anyway... as long as you give them the money. :-)

@scottlisa1608 in my experience in making several applications for Golden Visa residence authorisation and other visas, you can use the following link and fill in the form 079 code 012, it is the same options and there is no dropdown with limited countries, you can type in your own address: … soRellenar

I hope you find it helpful and I will be happy to help you if you have any questions.


@bnd4ever48 hi this Eve, i hv been trying to visit Alicante before Covid & hv yet gotten there. i hv visited much of Spain & i beleive Alicante may be the place to move to. how do you like it there so far?!


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