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Hi All,

Has anyone been denied a self employed visa for Spain?

I am British and I have applied for the self employed visa. After 18 weeks of waiting for a reply I have finally heard from the authorities in Huesca north Spain where me & my family hope to live. They have given me 10 days to get the following together:
1 License to open the office, which, as stated, is already independently established and in which the activity will occasionally be carried out.

2 Ownership of the aforementioned office.

3 Current economic means, those provided are from October 2021

I dont really understand what they are asking of me.
I am a self employed piano teacher in Suffolk, I teach in several schools and also privately at my home, and I would like to move to Spain and teach piano.

We have sold our house and are living in rented so we are ready to go.

Obviously we haven't brought a house in Spain for me to teach from yet.

I can't believe I have had to wait 18 weeks for them and they are only giving me 10 days.

I am starting to panic now so any advice please?????? 


I'm not sure what you are applying for? There is no self employed visa for Spain, you need to apply for residency if you want to live and work in Spain,  a non lucrative visa will let you live here but not work, a golden visa lets you live and work.

I wouldn't panic, if you intend to buy a property if the value is over €500k you can obtain a golden visa, as an alternative look into a non lucrative visa and find the place you want to live and then you can move on and apply for residency.

Hope this helps. 



Hi Kevin,

Thank you for your reply.

I am applying for the autonomo work visa, because i am self employed.

We dont have £500,000 to buy a property so the Golden visa is out.


Hi Tina

I found this link that may help you, I would reccomend using such an agency because paperwork and beuracracy is an absolute nightmare in Spain. 

Sorry to hear of your troubles with bureaucracy!

Yours hasn't been denied yet, they want some new supporting documents. I was turned down a couple of times because the agent was unhappy with one of my papers, so I don't think a refusal is a huge deal... you just correct it and try again. However, if it's 18 weeks per try, then it's a bit more disconcerting!

When I had my cita previa, the official checked all my paperwork in support of my application at that time. So I'm surprised they didn't do the same for you, rather than accepting your application, and then finding stuff missing 4 months later. Did you apply in Spain, via the cita previa system?

The official immigration page for non-EU citizens wanting to be self-employed (autonomo / por cuenta propia) is here: … index.html

With only 10 days I think it's a challenge. You probably need urgent lawyer (or gestor) assistance if you want to meet the deadline. The extra requirements don't sound super complicated, but I'm not expert enough to know exactly what they want.

1. Might be your autonomo registration in Spain and/or some kind of business permission/registration for the given address and/or some kind of public liability insurance for the address.

2. Either you own the office (and you have the deed) or you're renting (and you have a rental contract). So this sounds straightforward... unless you don't have the office because you didn't move to Spain yet?

3. Update economic means sounds straightforward, but I don't know how much you need to show. I imagine you need x euros for living costs for a year, and y euros for establishing the business until it makes money.

Separately, the Golden Visa is very expensive. The no lucrativa visa (NLV) is quite cheap, and very popular with Brits and Americans. But with this option you can't (officially) work. So probably no good for you... unless you want to use it to move to Spain, and then figure out the work side later.

You just need a tax license to perform your job and proof of financial means In the city you want to live in.  I assume you already have your NIE?  Ask at the ajuntamente of the city you want to live in.
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