Spanish Consulate in London

Hi All,
Has anyone had an appointment at the Spanish Consulate in London for a self employed work visa?
How long did it take for them to give a decision?
Was it a straight forward yes or did they need more info
If it's a no, can you appeal?

Anyone experienced this post Brexit

I haven't done it, personally. But I believe they (like many embassies) are exceedingly picky about the process.

I believe that you can appeal... but it's much better to give them exactly what they ask for, and endeavour to do everything you can to ensure that they say yes, first time! :-)

I would therefore encourage you to follow EXACTLY their instructions, and make sure you provide all the documents they specify.

If you already had an interview you are very far along, nearly there! If you have a date for your appointment, then that's pretty good. If you haven't emailed them yet, then you have a lot of work to do. :-)

Most of it is fairly straightforward, but you do need a medical certificate (which might be slower to obtain because of Covid and NHS backlogs), and a legalized ACRO (also takes a bit of time & money), and the Spanish health insurance might be a bit of a pain to sort out remotely (and might cost 500-1000 euros on its own).

Their list of all requirements for the VISADO DE RESIDENCIA NO LUCRATIVA  is in the following official document: … 0ES-EN.pdf


The following will illustrate how specific they are about their application process:

"Applicants must request their appointment through the following procedure:

1.- Send an e-mail to the address [email protected]

    In the SUBJECT you must specify the type of residence visa you wish to apply for.

    The TEXT of the message must state:



        - E-MAIL



    Each appointment is only for one person, therefore, family members accompanying the applicant who wish to apply for a visa need to book an additional appointment.

2.- Attach to your e-mail one essential document:

d) Investors, Entrepreneurs and Non-lucrative residence visas: Sworn translation into Spanish of ACRO Criminal Record.
e) Self-Employment work visa: EX-07 form filled.

    Failure to attach this essential document to your e-mail, your request of appointment won't be processed.

    Once your document had been verified by our staff, you will receive an e-mail with a username and password to complete the process.

    Applicants are strongly advised not to send more than one e-mail requesting an appointment, any reiteration will lead to a delay in the processing of their visas.

3.- Once you receive the confirmation e-mail with your password you could choose the date and time of your appointment, and modify or cancel if needed."

Thank you
We have given everything they have asked for but my appointment was back in November.
I just want to know

Well... I can say " well done, you!". :-) You have definitely done all the hard work. And if they accepted all your documents / information / money, that sounds promising.

A couple of months to decide doesn't sound outrageous. And there's been Covid (reduced staff/hours) and Christmas (big vacation), so that slows down processing. Dr. Google says: "It may take the Spanish authorities up to three months to process your application for a non-lucrative residency visa." Personally, I wouldn't panic until, say, end of Feb. :-) So... fingers crossed...

Thank you. Maybe I am just impatient. Just feel like my life is on hold. Are you in Spain?

Apologies, I seem to have posted no lucrativa info instead of autonomo!

I have my Spanish residence, and an apartment in historic Elche (next to Alicante city), but all done pre-Brexit when life was easier for Brits. However, I am currently in Bulgaria, as we spend quite a bit of time here.


we went to the Spanish consulate in London today to apply for 3 non lucrative Visas for my husband and 2 children. I had already applied for a working visa which was accepted. We had all the paperwork and then they said did my husband and 2 children have health insurance- no they didn't. We were then told it would take 5-6 weeks to get the non lucrative visa (hopefully it will be a positive result) then we have 3 months to get to Spain to sign on. We thought that we would be there for June 2023 as we need to sell our house.

So my question is why do I need to purchase health insurance if we are not really going to use it for the next 7 months???

Also if I am going to be self employed in Spain and pay the autónomo won't my husband and 2 children come under that for the national health?


A requirement for getting any visa/residence is proof of health insurance. And it needs to be valid at the time that you're applying for the NLVs. Your potential public healthcare in Spain (even if it covers your family) won't be active for quite a while. So that means a private health insurance is required until then.

There is usually a cancellation possibility (cooling off period), so perhaps you could buy it, then cancel it after getting the NLVs. Or perhaps you can talk to the insurance company after getting your NLVs, and explain that your move to Spain is delayed, can they suspend the insurance for x months until you arrive. Or just accept that this is the cost of getting the NLVs.


thank you for your advice. We have found a company in Spain that will let us defer until we arrive next year


Hi Again,

Hope you are well.

We are trying to move to Spain and have applied for the non lucrative visas, but the Consulate in London are now asking us to prove that we dont work in England. Obviously we know that we cant work in Spain under the non lucrative visa but we need to work in England until we can go.

Why do we have to prove this? The whole system is crazy

@TinaChico Of course, they have to be sure that you meet today the requirements to get the visa.

If you currently rely on your working income, how do they really know you will be able to live without a salary later?


Thanks for your reply. We have proved that we have the required amounts in our account. But nowhere does it say on their website to prove we are not working in the uk. They have taken our money (visa fees of £1980) but not explaining the criteria in the first place, and which we now cannot provide. Very unjust!

Spanish Visa application - Good evening, I have applied for a non lucrative visa 4 weeks .I have sent an email to the following address :  [email protected]  (I applied in London) but unfortunately I haven't heard anything, I haven't received any email confirmation neither, I am starting to worry as my paper work is going to be out of date really soon, Do we normally get an email receipt to confirm they received emails before we get a login for the interview? I have been trying to call them but there isn't anyway to speak to a person. I really need help as I am worried that I haven't done what I should. THANK YOU

Any advice welcome !!

Hi SevMi, We applied for NLV and had an appointment at the London Consulate in Nov 2022, we are still waiting to hear. We paid nearly £2000 for 1 adult and 2 children's NLV.

I have emailed and phoned but NOBODY answers. It is an extremely poor service. All the time we are hoping and waiting, wondering when we will hear something.

Good luck. I hope you hear soon.