Gross monthly salary 3900 - Single

Hello everyone,

I am happy to see there are people willing to help around the world.

I am Brazilian and I got an opportunity to pursue a permanent job that pays 3800-3900 gross per month. My package also includes:

- Net daily representation allowance: 8 EUR
- Gross daily meal tickets: 6 EUR
- Group insurance
- Hospitalization insurance
- Net benefits: 2.000 EUR once per year
- Extra days of paid leave on the basis of working 40 h/week, 1 day/month

According to Belgium Tax calculator my net annual salary would be $29,547. Included my infant son that will stay in Brazil (under 3 years).

Also, if it makes any difference, I am single, 26 years old.

Is that enough to rent a small apartment and save money (maybe buy a cheap car under 1 year of work)?

I suggest you check out the housing section, top of this page to give you an idea of rental costs. You can also try for living costs.

Also read other threads here as this has been covered before.

Way way above average salary.

Thank you for the answers.

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