Tax for indian onsite employee in Brussels


I am an indian, planning to move to brussels with my family. I wanted to know about taxes which get deducted from salary in Belgium. Can you help me out?

My employer has told me that I would get 3583 Euro monthly as salary. How much tax will get deducted from this? How much will I get in hand? I have dependent spouse with me. Will this salary be sufficient?

Could you help me with my queries?


For on-site assignments, it totally depends on what components you have in your package. And each company has their own way of doing this.

Best idea in my opinion, is to check with someone in your company who is or already been here on similar assignment.

Thanks Aneesh for your response. Our Problem is employer is taking lots of time to provide necessary answers. I need to negotiate salary that is why I need information from other sources to build my case.

Let me ask you other question, what is the in hand monthly salary should be sufficient to have decent life style in brussels?
I have dependent wife and dependent child of 6 months. I will need 1 or 2 Bhk apartment in decent locality. We are going to use public transport and we are not extravagant about our daily spending. But we do want to save at least 700 Euros at the end of the month.

Could you please give me idea about how much in-hand salary should suffice my need?


Threads that will give you the info you need (cost of living): … 4#p1861574 … =2#2122723

Also, in any case, you will be able to save 1000 EUR minimum, I assume :) Ior even more ! (Based on my idea talking to fellow Indians here, who are on site).

Thanks Aneesh for all your help. But could you answer just one more question? Is 2100 Euro per month sufficient for family with one small kid?  After doing some online research I found following things which could cost us.

1150 rent for 1.5 or 2 bhk apartment
400 Euro for grocery and other expenses (baby related expenses may be)
190 Euro electricity,internet charges

This lives us only 360 Euro per month.. Is my calculation decent for cost of living?
With this calculation I suspect living with 2100 Euro in hand for family with kid is bit difficult.. Is this correct?What will be decent in hand amount I should expect for decent life style?


The cost of living figures you got are almost correct, but on the higher side.

- 1 bhk can also come under 900 EUR a month. It will totally depend on the area you want to live, etc,
- Rest of the figures look ok.
- 2100 in hand for on-site: For me, it looks very low.

Thanks Aneesh, your reply really helps a lot..

You are welcome.

Normally the employer provides you a breakout of the annual salary for the on site assignment.

If that is something you can share, I can show it to my on site colleagues here (or course keeping the anonymity), and can make a calculation on what net salary you can expect. (If that will help you to make a decision)..

That will be really great. I can share details with you . Can you share your personal email address?
The thing is, I have gross amount with me, but my company is not providing exact information on net in hand.Also, there are not many people deputed at belgium location, so I am not able to get information unofficially.

It will be really great if you can get me some tentative figure of monthly in hand. I will share details about how I arrived at 2100 Euro in hand as per my calculation.

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I sent you a PM

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The salary is good enough to live well with your family, even if tax is deducted. Which is not sure , it depends how long you 'll be staying , and your family situation as children and non-working dependants are taken into account when assessing your tax, which will normally be deducted at the source if you stay over 12 months (I think, I am familiar with tax but no specialist professional). I would say you should get 2500 to 3300 in hand after tax.

Take +- 1000 to 1500 living expenses in total (a good appartment in the centre shouldn't cost you more than that all charges included, for 3-4 persons, if you don't find feel free to contact me for some info, by email, on lvi.alain[at] - good luck

Hello rachanasane,

I am moving to Belgium, Brussels in May2015.
Are you still living in Belgium? Could you please share your experience. I have exactly the same situation, net salary is 2500. I have dependent wife and a kid. Is this a sufficient salary now in 2015?

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