Tax on Vacant property

Hello, I would like to know the aproximate ammount of a Vacant property tax.

For this, both are useful:
if anyone can recomend me a profesional who could adviseme in the matter. Or if anyone knows by their own experience how much this tax is.

(The property is a studio of less than 40m2, in Zuid, Antwerpen)

I just need a broad approximation, as my landlady is holding 500€ from my deposit for this tax.

Thanks a lot!


What tax are you talking about?  The only tax for which you are responsible is that relating to refuse.

Tax on second home.

Must be related to the yearly tax declaration, where the landlady is taxed extra for having a vacant property, and considered a second home.

Thats what she states, but im trying to figure out whether this is true or not.

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