Leavening Canada and wanting to rent a condo in playa del Carmen

My husband and I are retiring from Canada and would like to rent a condo in Play del Carmen.  We realize that we must find a realtor to complete this transactions.  Can you suggest one?  We are looking in 500 to 600 range

Hi "jeeper", mi wife and I are also Canadians.

First, I was trying to understand if you are officially looking at becoming fulltime Mexican residents and becoming non-residents of Canada. If so you need to prepare your move, in our case 1 full year of preparation and paperwork with Canada once moved (immigration, revenue Canada, medical insurance in Mexico, driver's license, final tax return as resident, etc...) OR if we will be spending 6 months in Mexico and 6 months in Canada, legally, you should check the criteria for your home province.

Second, my wife and I travelled Mexico from 2003 to 2016 (6 months a year as Snowbirds, RVing 10 years and renting 4 years) this in different sectors within Mexico before deciding on the Riviera Nayarit.

Third, if you are renting for a short term, if I may suggest, find an hotel for a week to a month and start visiting and searching the area. Some prices are unrealistic sometime, in our case, our first rental was $1300US/month (2 bdr/2 bath) for a six months rental in PV via a realtor (bad choice) then $13000MXN pesos/month (open space bungalow) for a six months rental in Rincon de Guayabitos then $850US/month (little one bdr house with garage no pool) for a six months rental in the residencial zone of Rincon de Guayabitos then $14000MXN pesos/month (2 bdr, 1bth 85sq.m. Mexican owned) for a six months rental in La Peñita de Jaltemba FINALLY we decided to move fulltime in the same apartment were everything is included (gas, electricity, cable Mexican, internet, terrace, pool, etc) few street from the  beach and walking distance to all requirements (grocery, butchers, fish market, restaurants, doctors, hospital, etc...) all for less than $10000MXN pesos/month which is about $700CAD/month.

Was ever you decided the best is to visit, walk around and ask locals for available rentals.

Adios y buena suerte en su proyecto, GyC.

No we live in Edmonton, we haven't even gone to the consulate yet and that is in Calgary.  We want to obtain a temporary resident visa.  We were flying down, however there are clothes and personal belongings that would like to have sent down.  Would you know how I can do that? UPS?

Hi "jeeper", when my wife and I move we had only 4 suitcases of personal stuff (23kg each) all in the airline baggage "suite" plus 2 carry-on luggage (almost 10kg each) plus my wife's big purse.

So the extra cost via Aeromexico airline was 2x$25cad (August 2017), no questions asked when arriving in Mexico city (except: what is in your suitcases personal stuff or other? Answer: personal stuff...reply: ok, que va a bien!!!)

For the residency status, if you can prove the level for permanent status, please do so, less cost over time ($5000 vs $15000 pesos) and one time process.

Adios y buen dia a todos, GyC.

I live in Playa and Merida. $500-600 budget will not get you anything decent in Playa


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